Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


7. Chapter 7:

Mitzy's POV:

When I got to my house,my mom and dad wee on the living room talking.I sat down on the couch in front of them.When they noticed me they told me,

"Hey sweeatheart,how was school?"Dad asked me happily.

"It was fine,thanks...and how was work?" I asked.

"Erhh like always busy.And are you excited of your party tomorrow?"Mom asked.

"Ahh yess mom can't wait! My party tomorrow is the party of the school year! It's so cool!"I exclaimed.

"Ahh good for you,sweetheart.What are you gonna wear?"Dad asked.


"Remember it's your first year a a teen.So you might want to wear something pretty."Mom said.

"Well...I think a neon yellow tight dress with a pink long necklace and pink short high heels."I said.I know it's clothing for older people but I I have a big body and have boobs already.Lol,yeahh no lie so yeahh.The children's clothes don't fit me only the Junior's clthing.

"Ohh kaay that's cute.Want me to take us to the beauty salon to do our hair and make-up?"Mom asked.

"Ahh yess mom sounds cool!"I exclaimed happily.She smiled and I headed upstairs.I closed my door and looked what else I had in my closet.I had other dresses but the one I said was perfect.I put some music on my stereo and put half volume.I cleaned my room and found many new stuff I haven't seen.Lol.

When I was done cleaning my room and restroom,I turned the music off,and it was 6:00 Pm.I saw my phone vibrate and the notification ringtone playing.I went over there and saw that I had text from Beatriz,


B:"Heyy bitch want me to come over to help you on the preparations,have a sleepover,or get to dress up tomorrow together? C;"

M:"Well hello bitchy bitch! And yeahh sure you can come right now if you want.And my mom is taking us tomorrow to the beauty salon to do my hair and make-up! ^o^"

B:"Ohh cool and kaakay be there in about 10 mins.Kaay byee! xxxo c;"

M:"Kaay! xx Cx"


I put my phone away and went downstairs.I saw my mom and dad helping the maids prepare the tables and chairs for tomorrow outside on the backyard near the pool.

"Heyy sweetheart wanna help?"My mom asked.

"Yeahh sure!Ohh and cleaned my restroom and room.Aaand Beatriz is gonna stay for the night she wants us to dress and prepare everything together."I smiled.My mom said "Ohh okaay sounds like a good plan" She smiled.

I went to the stereo and put my Radio Station.Live it Up by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez came up so I started singing it out loud while I was putting the napkins and ups on the tables.When the song was over I heard a knock on the door.I ran up to the door and opened it.

"Heyy Mitzz wazzaap guurl?!"Beatriz exclaimed happily coming in.I gave her a hug and said,

"Well just preparing the tables and eveything."I smiled.

"Ohh okaay meet you outside Im going to leave my stuff in your room."She smiled.I nodded and went back to work outside.


Beatriz's POV:

I went upstairs to her room and put my bags to her desk.I put my dress for tomorrow hanging on her closet and got a text from Harry,

H:"Hey are you at Mitzy's house already??"

B:"Ahh yess Im going to prepare her for the surprise tomorrow! ^o^"

H:"Ohh okaay at 12:00 Am! Okaay!"

B:"Yess gossh goodnight gonna help her and the maids prepare the things okaay byee! Cx xxo"

H:"Kaay goodnighttyy! xx ;D"

I put my phone in my back pocket and put my alarm to 11:55 Pm.I went downstairs and helped her.


It's 10:00 Pm and were heading back to Mitzy's bedroom.She kissed her mom and dad goodnight and went to change to our PJs.


Mitzy's POV:

-When we changed into our PJs I got a text from Harry,

H:"Heyy Goodnighttyy and sweet dreams big day tomorrow! C:"

M:"Lol ikr and thxx goodnighttyy! ^~^ xxxo"

-Then from Zayn,

Z:"Goodnight and sleep well! C;"

M:"Haa thxx and goodnight! c: xxo"

-Then from Niall,

N:"Goodnighttyy and sleep tight Mitzz! c:!"

M:''Lool kaay and goodnight 2 u 2 fatass! c;"

-Then from Liam,

L:"Heyy goodnight and sleep sooo well! xxo!

M:''Kaay and goodnight :D Xxo "

-And finally Louis,

L:"Goodnight and sweet dreams biiitch!"

M:"Lool and goodnight 2 u 2 Maa Boobear! xx ^o^"

I smiled and put my phone away.

"Why you smiling over there?"Betty asked putting her hair in a high messy bun in my mirror where I had my jewerly,make-up,ad perfume.

"Just got a goodnight textes from the guys."I smiled and put my hair in a high bun too.

"Haa well goodnight furure Mrs.Styles!"She said sarcastically teasing me.I blushed and smiled big.

I have a king sized bed so she slept on the right side and I slept on the left side.In a few 5 minutes I drifted off to sleep...


Beatriz's POV:

It was 11:50 and I didn't sleep until it's 12:00 for her surprise.I held my phone in my hand just in case I get a text from any of the guys for her surprise.I felt my phone vibrate and got a text from Niall,

N:"Heyy were ready bring her to he near by park of the neighborhood. ^o^"

B:"Kayy be there in 5! ^o^"


I put my phone in my pocket of my PJs.They were Aeropostale black sweatpants with back pockets and a neon pink tank top.Mitzy was sleeping so peacefully in her Hollister shorts and a neon green tank top.

I slowly shook her awake,

"Hayy Mitzy wake up I feel sick and I need a walk outside."I whispered.She mumbled,

"Go by yourself im sleeping."

"Noo but i wanna go with you im scared." I said whining.She quickly sat up annoyed and put her neon green sandals.

I got up and put my pink sandals on.She grabbed her phone and put it in her back pocket.We went dowstairs slowly tip toeing and went outside the front door...

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