Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


3. Chapter 3:

Beatriz's POV:

I came out of 6th period and now I'm out side waiting for Mitzy and the guys.I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and dialed her number.She answered after 3 rings.

"Hey what's up?"

"Where are you!? Your bodyguard and car is waiting for us?!"

"Sorry i had to play my piano to Mr.Fanti,cause of some exam.But I'm packing up just wait a few minutes."

"Kakkaay just hurry up Byee!"

I hung up and saw the guys coming out of the Choir room.

"Heyy lads what are ya'll gonna do for the rest of tha day?"I asked them.

"Ohh were just gonna go Harry's house and play his new X-Box and Play Station."Louis said.

"Ohh cool well have fun."I said to them.

"You too with Mitzy."Harry said.Soon,Mitzy came out of the Band Hall and ran towards us.

Mitzy's POV:

"Heyy sorry again!"I said without air.

"Hahha what took you so looong now?"Louis asked sarcastically.

"Haa just some band bussines you don't ned to know.Hahha well anyways gotta go see ya'll later!"I said high fiveing all of them.

Harry instead gave me a hug and said to my ear,

"Have fun and remember our Pool day with the lads."

I pulled away and said,

"Of course i won't forget!Haa!" He smiled and I smiled back.I grabbed Beatriz's arm and waved goodbye to the lads.We got to the back seat and drove to my house.

"What's going on between you and Harry?"She asked suspisiolly.

"Nothing his been acting weird around me since last week."I answered.

"Ohh i think he has a crush on youuu!"She said poking me.

"Heyy stop were too young for girlfriend and boyfriend stuff."I said laughing.

"But ya'll have a crush on each other so yeah still!"

"Ohh so you and Niall too?"

"Umm..Maybee..yess!""She said blushing and then all crazy.We just laughed and talked about what we have to buy at the mall.Beatriz called her mom that she's going shopping with me.

We got to my house and went upstairs to my room.I let her borrow some of my clothes.I got my Stereo Player and put 95.7 radio station.I put the volume all the way high.The song Thrift Shop by Macklemore came and we sung so loud to each other.

I let her borrow some tight neon skinny orange jeans,neon yellow tanktop,and neon yellow Converse.I got some blue jean short shorts,neon pink,and a neon pink tank top.I just love them.We straightened our hair and put jewerly on.I turned off the Stereo,got our phones an bags,and went downstairs.I got my mom's credit card and told the guard o take us to The Baybrook Mall.He nodded and drove us there.

On the ride ,Beatriz and I were listening to Lil Wayne music on our earphones.Suddenly,we fell asleep during the freeway...

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