Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


14. Chapter 14:

Mitzy's POV:

I walked up to him slowly.We stood infront of each other,lookinh into each other's eyes.I got green contacts now.

"Your so beautiful,that's why I love you." He said looking at eyes,lips,cheeks,forehead,and holding my hands.Our hands fit perfectly as if it were made for each other.

"I love you too." I smiled.He pulled out a a small box.He handed it to me.

"You -" I started.

"I would always want to." He smiled. I smiled back and opened it.Inside was 2 paper airplane necklaces.Onee for him and another one for me.I smiled at it and looked back at him.I bit my bottom and he leaned in for a kiss.

This wasn't any kiss it was a 'I'll never leave you' or a 'I want you kiss'.I pulled away,

"Put it on." He grabbed a necklace and put it around my neck.I grabbed the other one and put it around his neck.

"I promise that I will never ever in my life leave you for someone else and I'll always love you."

"I promise the same thing." I said.I quickly gave him a peck then said,

"I want you to be my guy."

"What do you mean babe?" He asked confused.

"I want you to dance with me the special song on my party." I smiled.I big wide smile grew on his face.

He hugged me and spun me around.

"I love you way more than my whole life." He said. I kissed him in a hungry way.

"We should go back in." I said.He whined and I just rolled my eyes and grabbed his hand.

When we got inside,al the adults were already asleep with their children.Ohh yeahh Sants won't come until were asleep.Lol.

We searched for the guys and Beatriz but they were nowhere to be found.We searched in Louis's room and they were all there sleeping with a bottle of beer in their hands.

We just laughed quietly and decided to sleep on the little corner.I put 2 pillows on the ground and a blanket.I layed down on the wall side.A few seconds later he came and layed down next to me.I turned around and he held me onto his chest.

He kissed the top of me head,

"Goodnight,babe." I turned my face to face him.

"Goodnightyy." I quickly kissed him and went back to cuddleing.I fell asleep in a few minutes.



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