Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


13. Chapter 13:

Harry's POV:

I just hated to see Mitzy some times all sad cause of her loss.Well atleast it's almost her 15 party that'll cheer her up.Well the guys,Beatriz,Mitzy,and I decided to spend the day with Louis, take him some place fun.

We knocked on the door and Betty opened it,

"Come in love birdyss!" Us 3 laughed and got inside the living room. Liam,Zayn,and Louis's mom were sitting in a couch,Niall and Melissa in another one,Louis and his dad in another one.Mitzy and I went up to him and hugged him.

"Happy Birthday my Boobear!" Mitzy exclaimed.

"Happy Birthday!" I shouted. Mitzy handed him the present for him.He grabbed it and opened it.

"Ohh my god! A new Play Station! Yaay thanks ya'll didn't have to" He exclaimed hugging us again.

"Haa no problem it was Mitzy's idea."I said smirking at her.

"Haaa i know everything that Boo likes over heyaa!"She said.

"Well get ready were going to take you somewhere big!"I said putting my hands together.


Mitzy's POV:

"Kaay be back in a min.!" Louis shouted running upstairs.


I turned back to Louis's parents and told them that were going to take him out for a few hours.They said yes and we got ready to go back outside to the cold winter.

He came back with some red jeans and a striped shirt,and a thick jacket.Haa i loved that style.

Harry,Louis,and I drove in my small car while Beatriz,Liam,and Niall drove in Liam's car.We were going to take him to the London eye then to the carnival.

"Soo where are we heading?" Louis asked.

"Naaha it's a surprise!" I exclaimed. He whined and turned back to look at the window.I smiled at Harry and kissed him on the cheek.He blushed and concentrated back on the road.I put the radio on and we all started shouting the songs.

When we arrived,Louis just sat there frozen.Harry opened the door for me and Louis's.

"Ohh my jeez it's so high!" He got out and stood in front of us happily.the other's catched us up and came towards us,

"Do ya like it?" Betty asked.

"Yess let's goo!" Louis shouted skipping over there like a child Zayn and Liam followed behind him skipping too.Harry grabbed my hand and we walked over there.Beatriz and Niall were beside us too holding hands.Niall asked her when she turned 13 too.For her 13 birthday they made her a party too and Niall asked her.It was so cute.

Well Harry payed and we went inside the thingy.Louis,Zayn,and Liam were at one corner staring at the bottom,Niall and Beatriz in another,and Harry and I in another one.The view was awesome.People walking and kids playing tag with each other.

"I want to have 3 kids with you."Harry said in my ear.I quickly turned to look at him shocked and laughed.

"hahaa just wait 5 or 8 years more."I said back smirking at him.We kissed and turned back to look at the London view.


Louis's POV:

After we finished our tour there they took me somewhere else.We had to be back at my house at 6:00 Pm.It was 3:00 Pm already.We arrived at the London's biggest carnival.I just loved it here.

We got out of the car and went up to Liam and Zayn.Niall and Harry were with their girlfriends holding hands.

"Thankss guys it's very cool!"I said putting an arm in Liam's shouldr and my other arm in Zayn's shoulder.

"No pro and Happy B-Day again!"They said.I just smiled them and Liam went to buy our bracelets.


Soo we went to Haunted Houses,roller coaters,baby rides,and the big tall slides.It was fun.We ate popcorn,cotton candy,coke,hot dogs,and hot chocolate.Niall and Beatriz ate the most.We also ate my Birthday cake they bought for me.


Mitzy's POV:

We took Louis back to his house.I was going to spend Christmas with Harry's,Louis's,Zayn's,Niall's,and Beatriz's family.Since our moms were very close.My whole family lived in Atlanta,Georgia.The whole thing is going to be in Louis's house since it was the biggest.So when we arrived there the house was full of people.With hot chocolate and tea on the middle table.Louis's mom saw me and handed me a phone,

"Its your mom." I smilef and took the phone.

"Heyy mom Merry Christmas!"

"Heyy Merry Christmas to you too! i miss you so much.Sorry again its all my boss's fault and since im Vice President of the company its worse but hope you have a good Christmas and New Years with my best friends and yours.Specially with your boyfriend Harry.I can really tell he loves you."

''I know mom that he loves me and yess i know i understand but are you coming for my 15 party?"

"Ofcourse i am.Im coming back on the 15th of January enough time to prepare everything."

"Ohh kaay mom i got to go were going to eat turkey and wait until 12 to open presents."

"Okaay sweetheart have a good time and I loove you take care! Muaa!"

"Loove you too ! Muuaa!"


I hung up and put the phone back.I went back to the living room and saw Harry playing with the little kids.I smiled and layed down on a bean bag they had.It fitted 2 people.

"What did your mom say?" Louis's mom asked.Everyone turned to look at me except Harry and the kids.

"Well she wished us all Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.She's coming back on the 15th."

"Ohh okaay she'll make it for your 15th party." Anne said.(Harry's mom)

I smiled and they all turned back to talking.Then Harry came and layed next to me.

"Heyy babe.How ya feeling?"

"Just sad that my mom had to go away and that my dad..."

"But we have you here.Your other part of the family,the guys and Betty.But mee.I will always be with you no matter what I promise.I love you so much Mitzy."

He kissed my lips and bit my bottom lip.I asked for entrance and let me in.We pulled away,

"I am happy with all of yall and I love you so much Harry."

We both smiled and waited till dinner was ready.


So it's 9:00 Pm and were at the table eating Turkey, mashed potatoe,and ect.

Im sitting in between Beatriz and Harry.The adults are sitting infront of us.And the little kids on another little table.

Louis's Dad sure knows how to make people laugh.Harry grabbef my thigh and whispered in my ear,

" After we eat meet me outside on the garden." I nodded and he turned to have a conversation with Louis.Beatriz and I are now talking about what we got the guys.

She's giving Harry Jack Wills jackets,V neck shirts, and socks.

To Zayn a new pair of shoes and Calvin Klein boxers.

To Liam a few squared shirts and jeans.

To Louis a few of trousers,straped shirts,and jeans.

To Niall a new guitar,socks,perfume,and a bracelet for both of them.

Im giving Louis clothing and new games for his Play Station.

To Niall clothing and perfume.

To Zayn a few pairs of shoes and games too.

To Liam jeans ,shoes , and games.

To Beatriz Victoria's Secret underwear,Forever 21 clothing and Aeropostale perfume.

To Harry Jack Wills jackets,fur jackets,shoes,jeans,and V-neck shirts.


I just couldnt wait to open mines.So dinner was over and everyone went back to the living room.I went outside where I was suppose to meet Harry.

I saw hin standing there with something on his hand.

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