Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


11. Chapter 11:

2 years later~

Mitzy's POV:


"Shut up piece of shit!" He yelled.He put the whole knife inside of my Harry's stomach.He layed on the ground bleeding crazily.The man took off running outside.I freed myself and ran up to him.I held him close to me and kissing him.

"I will always love you and look after you Mitzy.I...I L-love y-you..."

With that he left me with his eyes closed.I just held him with me crying,kissing,and hugging him for about an hour.The neighbors saw me and called the police and ambulance.

They took him with a black blanket covering him.I saw as they took my whole life love away.Soon my mom and dad arrived.They took me up to my room and slept with me.I couldn't eat for hours,days,and weeks.I bearly go out.School was over.Im going to 10th grade next year.

Beatriz and the guys come visit me.But we bearly talked.I had nothing to live for.My whole life is dead as hell.I now cut myself and be mean with everyone.


One day Dad and I went shopping,and came back at 11:00 Pm.When we were driving on the Freeway,a black truck was going full speed behind us.It hit the back and threw us all the way down to the water in the Lake.

My dad cut my seatbelt and I swam up to the concrete of the bridge.But my dad was nowhere.I went to look for him but the car was all the way to the bottom I couldn't go cause i won't make it.


I just layed on the grass crying for hours.Then,everything went black.

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