Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


10. Chapter 10:

Mitzy's POV:

When we got to my house,which was 20 minutes away so it's 6:00 but no one has arrived yet they usually arrive an hour later,we ran upstairs and changed.I carefully put on my neon yellow dress with my pink necklace.Beatriz with her red dress and red small heels.

We put on jewerly,perfume,and shoes.In my room I had a big window facing my backyard and it had stairs.So when everyone arrives i will be going down those stairs and everyone will be facing me.

"Okaay sweetheart half of the guests arrived just wait a lil bit more."My mom said fixing dress a little.I nodded.Beatriz could go downstairs but decided to stay with me.She just went down one time cause i asked her if the guys came.She said they did and they're talking to some other guys from school.

~30 minutes later~

"Okaay Mitzy,your uncles,aunts,grandfathers,grandmothers,cousins,and friends are all here.They are all asking for you.So you can come down now."She said.I nodded.Beatriz came up to me with a gift card,

"Heyy guurl this is my present for you and Happy Birthday!" She said handing me a bag and a hug.I opened it and it had a gift card with $200 and 2 oncert Tickets for Ed Sheeran.

"Omg cool we get to go together!"I hugged her and she just smiled.

I was kind of nervous,cause everyone will be looking at me.I looked out the window and saw everyone talking with someone.The guys were just at the bottom of the stairs in tuxedos.Harry looked so handsome.The music was loud it was the Wobble song, with people on the dancefloor.The sky was in it's sunset so it was orangish.

I started walking downstairs and the guys noticed me.Beatriz was walking behind me and my mom was already talking to my Aunt Mary.

"Helloo Mitzzyy Happy Birthday!"Louis said hugging me and giving me a box,it was the size of a shoe box.I opened it and it had a pair of neon converse.It had all the colors.

"OMG thankss i love neon converse!" I exclaimed.

"Haa i knew that!" He winked.

"Happy Birthday again and here's your gift!" Liam said handing me a a card.I opened it and it wished Happy Birthday from everyone in his family and it had 2 Concert Tickets for Little Mix.

"OMG what the hell?! Thankss!" I exclaimed hugging him.

"Your welcome and it's for you and me." He esmiled.

"Happy B-Day and here's yours."Zayn said giving me a gift bag.Inside was a cute outfit.It was a black loose shirt that showed a lil of my right shoulder with a white long necklace,with tight black rotten skinny jeans,and black Sperrys.

"Thankss so much Zayn you know my style!" I exclaimed hugging him.

"I know and your welcome sistaa!" He smiled.

"Happy Birthday again Mitzz!"Niall said giving me a small box.I opened it and it had a Pink Store perfume.It was a Cherry & Berry smell.

"Thankss Nialler i loove it!"I said hugging him.

"No problem sis!" He smiled.

And finally Harry,

"Happy Birthday!"He exclaimed hugging me and giving me a small box.I smiled and opened it,it was a golden necklace,fur earrings,and a together forever bracelet.

I smiled big and hugged him again.

"Together Forever Mitzy."He said at my ear.I pulled away away and smiled.


So after the guy's presents,they went to eat some junk food there was while i talked with my famly.My older cousins gave me clothing and my younger ones jewerly.I just love that.My Aunts and Uncles gave me perfume,shoes,ect.

It was 9:00 Pm now.My friends and I were dancing at the dance floor.We cut the cake earlier.I changed into Zayn's outfithe gave me.Cause i didn't wanna dance with a short dress.Lol.

We danced Cha Cha Slide,Wobble song,Tribal, and Party Rock Anthem.All of those types.So yeahh it was fun.After the fast songs the slow ones came.I decided to sit down for thi one.My parents were with some of their friends drinking beer.Zayn,Liam,and Louis were lking to some Football guys and Niall was dancing with Beatriz.

"Do you wanna dance?" Harry asked putting his hand infront of me.

"It'll be an honor."I took his hand but he took me to the very back of the garden where the gates were.This was my hiding place when we used t play Hide and Seek.

"But the dance -"I started.

"I know but i wanted to take you here." He smiled.I smiled back but then I froze,cause I felt his soft,small,and warm lips on mine.I felt fireworks all over my place.Butterflies were exploding everywhere.It took me 3 seconds to kiss back.We kissed for about 10 seconds.His now my first kiss,true love,and i want him to be my first boyfriend.He pulled away and said,

"Mitzy since we were 5 years old I've had a crush on you.Since that day,I've always looked forward to see ou ad hug you.Would you like to be my only beautiful girlfriend?" He stood there infront of me holding hands,looking in to my blue contacts.

Ohh my god! I've been waiting for this question since I've met him.

"Ofcourse I will!" I exclaimed hugging him.He was shocked first but them smiled wildly.

"So you love me too?" He asked smling happily.

"Since i was born." I answered him smiling he smiled and kissed me again.

My parents told me i can have a boyfriend already im 13 ofcourse i can!I have te best parents and life ever.

We went back to where Beatriz and the guys were.They saw us holding hands and,

"Whoaaah Woaahh what did i miss?" Beatriz asked.

"She's mine peoplee!!" Harry exclaimed t them.The guests didn't hear nothin cause of the lous music.

"Woohoo! About time!" Louis shouted.

We all just laughed and I asked them,

"Heyy guys and Betty,do ya'll wanna stay over today?It'll be very cool if we finish it like this."

"Ofcourse my biitch!" Louis exclaimed.I smiled and kept partying.We danced,ate,and said goodbye to our guests.It was 11:30 Pm.My mom and dad said they can stay over and that they will be working early tomorrow and all day. I just hate that. :(

The maids cleaned everything up and the DJs took their stuff away.The guys,Beatriz,and I were at my room watching Family Guy.My parents were at their room and they all had permission to stay.Since our parents are close since high school.

We were all in our PJs and ready to sleep.We each have a air matress.But me and Harry decided to sleep together at the corner.He was 5'6 tall while i was 4'10.Im such a shorty with a big ass.

Beatriz turned off the lights and said goodnight to everyone.


"Goodnight beautiful."Harry kissed mycheek slowly.

"Goodnight Haz." I whispered back and kissed him in the cheek.In a few minutes we were asleep...




So me and Harry had been together since that day.On school we still eat lunch together,walk to classes together,and hang out together.But me and Harry hug and kiss on the cheek everytime we see each other.Were just unseparable...

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