Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


1. Chapte 1:

Mitzy's POV:

"Common let's go,baby or your gonna be late for school!" My mom said shaking me.

"Hey goodmorning mom!" I said rubbing my eyes and sitting up.

"Chop chop get dressed.Im going to make pancakes with bacon for breakfast!"

"K kaay!"

She walked out of my neon room,and I hoped out of my bed to go take a quick shower.I got my iPhone 5 out and started to play Drake The Motto.I got in the hot tub and let the hot water go through my thin and sensative skin.

While I was in the shower my mind was full of thoughts.I just loved my life.I am 12 years old,I live in a two story high house wth a pool and garden,my parents are so happy together,and most important of all I love my best friends Niall,Liam,Zayn,Louis,and Harry.They are my best friends since Pre-K.But my whole life crush is Harry Styles.We had spent way more time together.Our mothers were best friends way before we were born.

So i snapped out of my thoughts,turned off the water,and wrapped a towel around my body and hair.I brushed my teeth and got back to my room.I pulled out some blue tight skinny jeans,neon green tank top,and my neon green high converse.I pulled out my straightener on, so it can heat up while i change.

I'm still young, but I wear eyeliner to school.So, I put some on and put my light blue contacts on.I really hate wearing my glasses.I straightened my hair and made my bump at the back of my head.My hair is in layers and kind of reddish.I unplugged the straightener and got my binder,phone, and my bag.


I ran downstairs and saw my mom srving the food o the table.

"Heyy sweety food is ready!" She smiled.

"Thanks mom!"

While I was eating she asked,

"Are Beatriz and the guys coming to your birthday party this Saturday?"

Ohh yeahh.My birthday is this Saturday Im turning 13.All the guys are 13 already.Beatriz is going to be 13 on October.

"Yeahh they said they won't miss it for nothing...But mom are you sure yu want to make me this huge party?I mean it's gonna be a lot of -"

"Noo it's fine remember?Me and your dad work in the Avon company.We make tons of money there!"She said smiling to me while she put my plate and everything else away.

"Okaay thaks mom love you see you at 3!" I kissed her goodbye and put my earphones on.I walked to the corner of the street and met the guys and Beatriz there talking.As soon as they saw me,they turned around.I put my earphones to my bag and phone to my back pocket.

"Heyy guurl you late again.Your always the last one here!" Beatriz said putting an arm around my shoulder.

"Well sorryy,It's cause my mom was talking to me about the party and stuff."I said to them.

"Hahha! I just can't wait to see the menu in there!" Niall said.

"Lol you fatass!"I laughed and play punched him in the arm.

We all just talked about the party for 10 minutes until the bus came.Harry and I just talk a lot together.OMG I just can't control my butteflies in here.Beatriz talks to the other lads the most.She told me she had a crush on Niall.They all sat at the back seat and fitted all there.Harry and I sat in front of them.

"So,for you 15 party...Who's going to be the luck guy to dance the special song with you?"He asked smiling and looking atmy eyes.I've had talked about my 15 party all my life since i met the guys.My 15 party is one of my dreams.

"Um.. Im not sure yet.But i want it to be some one very special."I said smiling to him."I want you to dance with me!" I shouted in my mind.

Harry's POV:

I just kept my eyes on her beautiful face.I wasn't paying attention much to her talking.She's so pretty,cool,funny,and fun.I want her to be my future girlfriend.I've had a crush on her since 6 or 7 years old.We've always had our classes with the same teachers and had lunch with the guys and Beatriz together.

When I ask her that question everytime,I always want her to answer me.But it's obvious she won't say me.She doesn't feel the same wa I feel about her.Atleast it doesn't look like it.

Mitzy's POV:

"Hey the bus stopped let's goo!" Isaid to the lads and Beatriz.

"Hey Betty wanna come shopping with me today?Just us?"I asked her.The guys were behind us talking about The new X-Box game.

"Of course i want to! Duhh!" She said happily at me.

I smiled back and walked to our first period,Math.All of us have the same classes except the guys have Choir,Beatriz has Orchestra,and I have Band.I play the flute,piano,and percussion.The guys said I might be a song writer and singer,but I said that it's impossible.I wanted to be an actress.

We had our first 4 periods and headed for lunch...

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