Love lost in time



3. Two pieces

Janet's P.O.V:

The idea of Brandon just made my heart beat! I never fell so hard for someone like I fell for him. We gave each other our numbers before we left. I texted him, shortly afterwards I got a reply back. We texted for hours, then suddenly he called me. My face lit up when I saw his name on my phone. We talked for hours teasing each other and making jokes. He asked me who I liked, I simply said his name starts with an "N" and ands with an "e." He asked in a sad voice "What's his name?" I replied No one. He started laughing and said "come on". I said "oh you know that one guy I think is name is Brandon". His voice lit up. He nervously asked "Do you want to go out with me." My heart and face lit up, as I jumped on the bed with excitement and in a calm voice said "yes!" Then my annoying little brother ran in and took advantage of me laying on the bed, squat down, farted in my face, and ran out slamming the door behind him. Best day ever aside from, that! 1 week later we went to the park again, this time to have our first kiss. I had told 2 of my friends we would be at the park. We walked anxiously together. We picked a perfect little bench under the shade. We cuddled and I turned my head and before I knew it he was in my face and kissed me. I was extremely disgusted by the way his tongue felt in my throat! 3 minutes later Melody, and Sirena two of my friends showed up. We where shocked, Sirena in a proud loud voice said "I'm here to cock block!" With her arms reached out to the sky. Meanwhile Melody stood there awkwardly as always. Sirena sat in between us  making us separate from each other. As she placed her arms around both of our shoulders Melody shyly sat next to me. Sirena started asking Brandon questions to make him nervous while I turned to Melody and asked in a quiet whisper what they were doing here. "Waiting for Sirena's brother." she whispered back. Sirena then faced me and in a quiet low whispered into my ear and asked me "what did you rate it?" with my fingers I put up a 3. Sirena started laughing leaving Melody and Brandon with confused faces. She rated it a 3." she cackled loudly while Melody answered a phone call. After that Sirena and Melody left but just as they giggled and snickered things to each other as they were leaving.

Brandon P.O.V:

Janet...I love you. I spent the whole entire day texting her. I thought it was the perfect time, I called her. She answered and just hearing her voice made my day. We talked for hours and hours. I asked her who she liked and he teased me. Then she replied "Brandon, I like you." Knowing that she liked me made too happy! I thought that was the moment, in a courageous, yet calm voice I asked her "Do you want to go out with me?" She giggled and replied anxiously "yes". I felt like the happiest guy in the world! She was mine, and I'm her's. It was nothing but perfection. But after she replied I heard a small noise and a yell. I never had the courage to ask what that was. A week later I took her to the park to have our first kiss. We sat at a bench under a nice, tall, shady tree. I grabbed her waist just like I had done at the auditorium awhile ago. We stayed like that for quite a while, laughing and making jokes at each other. I thought that was the perfect moment. I called her name....and she turned around soon after, I quickly leaned in and kissed her. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I put my tongue in her mouth. I could feel her warmth and the softness in her tongue . She pulled away and in a very cute and childish like tone said "Eww I can feel your tongue!" I couldn't help but laugh. Afterwards I instantly called one of my pirujas.(My skank). And said mission accomplished ! And hung up. Shortly afterwards her 2 friends had come. I had absolutely no Idea what their names where. The one wearing a skirt yelled out "I'm here to cock block!"  While the other short one stood there awkwardly. The one in the skirt sat between us, she whispered into my ear while Janet was busy. She had asked me if I was using her for sex. I replied "No!" She nodded her head looking pleased, and said "You better not." I really wasn't worried about her. The 2 friends got up, and the friend in the skirt asked Janet what she rated "it." I was terribly confused. Janet put 3 fingers up. She told me not to worry about it. The one in the skirt laughed, while the short one just stood there. It was awful and I thought that Janet had a weird  laugh I take that back. They both left. Finally.

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