Love lost in time


1. The begining

Janet's P.O.V:

    It was a breezy November morning and I had the bitter taste of coffee stuck in my mouth. I had just entered room 214, my science classroom. As I entered the room a sudden blast of cold air hit me in the face. I entered the dull room, and sat in my assigned seat. Class started, it seemed to last hours and hours. I finally became bored and started messing around with my shoulder partner, Brandon. I suddenly started giggling and asked him if he was a Mandilon (A guy who gets beat by his girl). He simply laughed and said "No Dora I am not a mandilon." I laughed and simply said shut up. Since that day I actually looked forward to going to class.

Brandon's P.O.V: Fucking shit! I missed the bus! I finally got to school as the bell rang. I fucking hated science. I walked in, took my seat, and 10 minutes later I was asleep. I woke up to a loud ass giggle, annoyed I slowly put my head up. I suddenly realized she was next to me. A girl with straight bangs and big brown eyes. she had a big welcoming smile but a strange laugh. She starred at me awkwardly and asked if I was a mandilon. I was shocked, I hadn't talked to her in about 2 months until now. She had a good heart and anyone could notice that, well at least I did. The bell rang and basically all we did the class period was flirt and laugh. I was pretty excited to go to class tomorrow.


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