Love lost in time



4. Janet's P.O.V part 1

Janet P.O.V:

Months had passed and my feelings for Brandon had not changed.In only 2 weeks I had already spent the night at his house. That didn't change us, it only brought us closer. I loved him and nothing was going to change that. He was my first love. I planned on going to spend the night at his house this weekend. I was nervous, this was our first time alone. My thoughts went on as I wondered what would happen. I got to his house, we watched ,movies and ate pizza. Around midnight we went to his room, I was extremely nervous. We  started cuddling together, like we usually did. We made out, and held hands. But before I knew it I was on top of him. My palms where sweaty, and I had no idea what I was doing. He suddenly pined me down and from their I was on the bottom and he was on top. He kissed me. I could feel his rough, muscular hand going up to my breast. In a calm tone he asked if it was alright. I simply nodded my head and said "yes." I could feel his warm hand copping my breast. I let out a soft moan. He kissed more passionately than he ever did. I carefully removed my t-shirt and bra. He pinned me back down biting my neck, as he lowered himself  down my chest. I couldn't control my self when he got to my breast and carefully started to bite down and lick. I let out many soft moans. He carefully removed his shirt and pants, leaving only his underwear. Mean while I removed my pants and underwear. In a mysterious tone, he asked me "Are you ready?" I nodded my head yes. He lowered himself to my women parts. He carefully started to lick and bite. I couldn't help but to let out many soft moans. He got up removed his underwear and put on a Trojan condom.  He asked If I was ready yet again. Annoyed I said "yes." He carefully lowered himself, he carefully went in my entrance. He went slow at first then gained speed. I have never wanted to yell so hard in my life. We switched positions until we got tried. I was asleep in his arms before I knew it. What have I just done.....


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