Use Somebody

Bridgett Sailor- or Sailor as she now goes by- was in a car accident with her sister Mandy. While B survives, Mandy is killed. Music and Mandy's favorite song- Use Somebody- become Sailor's only link to her. For a weeks she thinks the only one she needs is Mandy, until she finds someone she didn't know she was looking for.
*entry for the Inspired by a Song competition


1. The Accident

"BRIDGETT!" that was the last thing I heard before I passed out; the last words I would ever hear my sister say. 

The last thing I remember was being in the car with Mandy, seeing that bright light come towards us, getting hit, my sister screaming my name before she herself passed out. I don't really remember much of the crash. Just a drunk driver coming towards us and the blinding headlights... Our piercing screams, the car flipping. I remember waking up in the hospital bed, confused. Apparently I lost consciousness and my memory was foggy. My head hurt with all the questions. All I was concerned with was where is Mandy. 



"Where is she? Where's Mandy?" I looked at my parents and at the doctors all exchanging looks. My mom was in tears and my dad looked like he was ready to kill. "Mom? Dad? Tell me the truth. Please, where's Mandy?"

"She's in that bed behind the curtain."

I jumped out of my own bed, the doctors grabbing me to keep me down. "LET ME GO, I WANT TO SEE MANDY!"

I tried to hold back the tears as I pulled back the curtain. There on the bed was Mandy. Well, a girl who was supposed to be Mandy. But I didn't recognize the girl in the bed. No, this girl was covered in bruises and scratches, wires attached to her body. She had limp hair and pale skin. The girl in this bed, was dead. 


"I'm so sorry honey. Amanda didn't make it."

"NO! NO MANDY." I cried harder and harder as the doctors grabbed my arms and pulled me back on to the bed. 

"The driver hit her side, the crash was more direct. She didn't die on site, we think she died somewhere between the crash and the arrival here. She was already dead when we hooked her up. We did everything we could to save her, but it was too late. I'm sorry." Everyone crowded around me, trying to comfort me.

"This isn't happening. Mandy isn't dead. She's gonna wake up any minute, right? Or this is all a dream and I'm gonna wake up any minute.. Right?" Wrong. Mandy was dead. She was gone. I was never going to see her face again. 

I stayed overnight at the hospital and refused to speak to anyone. I missed school for a week, refusing to leave my bed. I listened to the same song over and over again, Use Somebody, by the Kings of Leon. It was Mandy's favorite song, and became my only link to her. It became relevant to my life and the only thing I had to keep me sane. 

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