Use Somebody

Bridgett Sailor- or Sailor as she now goes by- was in a car accident with her sister Mandy. While B survives, Mandy is killed. Music and Mandy's favorite song- Use Somebody- become Sailor's only link to her. For a weeks she thinks the only one she needs is Mandy, until she finds someone she didn't know she was looking for.
*entry for the Inspired by a Song competition


3. Someone Like You

"Mandy was the girl you always wanted around in your life. She has that personality that everyone wanted: bubbly, energetic, nice, funny, and always there for you when you needed a friend. I don't think I ever saw her without a smile," I looked out in to the crowd and all the faces staring back at me. "Umm, Mandy always loved music. Her favorite song has become mine. It's become really relevant, and I hope it's gonna make you notice." I stepped down from the podium and sat down on the piano. I closed my eyes and began playing.

"I've been roaming around, always looking down at all I see.." I sang and imagined Mandy sitting right there next to me. All of a sudden, it was over and people were on their feet clapping. I snapped back to reality and realized where I was. I was at my sister's funeral. And the person I could use right now, was her. I stood up and walked out of the church, sitting down on the steps and cried. All of a sudden there was someone behind me.

"That was quite a speech. And performance. You have a beautiful voice and some serious talent." I looked up to see who was talking to me. A guy about my age, maybe a bit older, was smiling at me. Needless to say, he was attractive and I looked like a mess.

"Thanks. Who are you?"

"Trey. Trey Leon. Nice to meet you." He extended his arm and I shook it.

"I'm Sailor."


"Well Bridgett Sailor. But I can't stand hearing that name anymore. I hear it and I just hear Mandy's voice screaming it the night she died. So I'm just going by Sailor now."

"How did you know Mandy?"

"She was my sister. We were in a car accident. Drunk driver. Hit her side of the car and killed her. I just got a concussion and some pretty nasty cuts and bruises."

"Oh wow, I'm so sorry."

"Me too. Wait how did you know Mandy?"

"Just.. Around I guess."

"I've never seen you around before." I just stared at Trey.

"Alright I just moved here. My cousin was best friends with her. I think they dated at one point. But my parents sent me here last week after my brother died. It's so weird, we were also in a car accident."

"Wait is your cousin Tyler Allen?"


"B, lets go. It's time for the burial."

"Ok, mom." I got up to leave, then looked back at trey. "I'm sorry about your brother. It is really weird we both lost a sibling in a car accident." I went back to my parents and got in the car. On the way to the cemetery I kept thinking about Trey. How freaky alike we were. We were both in car accidents and both lost a sibling.

Maybe the person I needed wasn't Mandy. It was Trey.

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