Knocking on Hell's Door

Kiyuna has a silent nature that makes her unique. She's not that talkative, and when she is, it usually isn't pretty. Everyone knows not to question her, or there will be a slim chance of a dagger against your throat. She doesn't know the meaning of regret, so regret comes rarely for her. And if that does, than so does rationalizations and delusions. Regular beings would retaliate or regret, but there's absolutely no such thing with Kiyuna. Either kill or be killed is her motto. Kiyuna meets a guy named Elijah who is a Incubus and has a every sexual drive to him. When the two first meet, the vibe between them is inseparable. While Elijah tries to commence her to going to home base with him for a one night stand, he finds out it won't be that easy to seduce her like a human is. Kiyuna has no trust in him and will end up trying to kill him in one point in the story, but until then you'll have to find out if they actually fall in love with each other.


1. The Restless

Laughter was shed throughout the saloon, drinks were being toasted and people were having the greatest of times. Their bad feelings and thoughts were finally soothing down and drifting else where, seeming as if they didn't have a care in the world. Then the sudden ear piercing neigh rung out, hitting the walls of Riften, a kingdom in which holds the Heir and Heiress of the land. A cheetah spotted horse settled it's raging hooves down upon the Earth surface. A women, who could be mistaken as an outlaw rode saddle on the majestic and intriguing steed. Races of all kinds began to rush out of their houses, bartenders shuffling to glare out the windows of their saloons. As breath-taking as this girl was, she was also very dangerous, in oh-so-many ways. Eerie silence struck the village of the kingdom, only a few cries of near-by hawks that grazed overhead and the chime of the church bell broke the stillness. Kiyuna rounded her shoulders, easing them before hopping off Vixen's back. One of her slender hands gestured outward, tracing the palm of her hand across the studs' unique spotted coat. Vixen rotated his massive crown, eyeing his fellow companion with a glare then flicking his mane out of his face and lashing his tail in irritation. The girl grasped Vixen's lead and hitched him to a post just outside of the saloon. People watched her from a far, others scurried out of her way when she stepped one black steel-toed battle boot upon the rippling floorboard. Her icy chilled gaze seeped through each and every single one's souls, the depths in her eyes that flushed with a sea green made men and women's spine shiver. Upon Kiyuna's features, lay no emotion at all. Behind these eyes of a killer, hint that she gives no mercy nor rationalizations against anything or anyone. You may say she's her own boss, and takes orders from no one, not even the King and Queen of Riften. Even they know her word will either put you in the hands of life or death. Known to rip a mans entire skull out with her bare hands, that's how deadly she is. Some challenge and fall at her feet at once. Others are sure to give a fight, but never really last in a battle to the death with Kiyuna-May Vel Youmi. This girl is unlike any other, she may put her own life on the line for someone she grows a deep connection with. But that, is rare for her. She trusts no one, and no one trusts her. They just respect her limits and how far she can break you. Of course, she has her weaknesses, which starts off with Vixen. He has some how hit a soft spot to her and if anything ever happened to him, she promises you that you won't wake up the next morning. Other than that, she has no weak spots unless you can get under her skin to where she becomes enticingly in love. That has yet to come, usually people will go to the ends of the Earth for her just by how much she can seduce you long enough to where she has you wrapped around her finger. Manipulative, yes. Stubborn, no.

The gush of a breeze current hits Kiyuna and sends her dark brown hair dancing behind her, the tiny strains finding their way with the remedy. Her memorizing blue orbs shifted around her surroundings before bursting through the swinging doors of the saloon. The music stopped playing as soon as she showed herself. Eyebrows beginning to crease downward, jointing together to form a narrow eyed glare of some sort. The spiked shoulder pads that were clipped to her shoulders rattled a bit, her regular butt cut shorts just barely showing half of her ass with a silver chain that clips the tip of her leggings and rooting to the metal hand bracers of hers; that she refers to as gloves. Then comes her black leather spiked; no straps attached bra like cover-up, more-or-less to hind her breasts and with a nice fitting blue jacket that hovers just above the buckle of the leather armor that covers her up just a tad. Finishing her look off with a holster for her silencer gun and a machete to chop it all off. She is truly fascinating to look at, but don't let her looks fool you. She can be quite the catch. Tugging out a chair, she took a seat. propping her feet on the table top and she made her hands twist in the air, signalling for everyone to carry on. Even though they never did have to stop, they choose too. Not even seconds passed and a man came charging up to Kiyuna, her crown tipped up only a smidge. Listening to his words as he spoke in a loud and gruff voice, a fair expression plastered on each of their faces. " Where's my brother you inconsiderate piece of-" The man didn't even have time to react when Kiyuna pulled a gun on him. Her head held high now, she met his emerald gaze, wolf ears peaking out under his hat. His back up hesitated to raise their weapons, but they did in effort. The women tilted her head, a sly grin played on the corner of her lips, edging for the men to see it and they did. Not having to say one word, they dropped their fire arms and fled. The wolf man just barely walking on thin ice now as Kiyuna slowly brought down the safety so that now she was able to fire if need be, placing her index finger on the trigger. The man watched as she rotated her head to one side to glare at him, and he met her still-hardening stare. " I'm an inconsiderate piece of.. What?" Her angelic, seductive voice that filled with harmony at the moment and not blood-shed. She let her last word roll off the tip of her tongue, half snarling the words out in defense she let out a sneer. The man stuttered to answer, slurring his words. " I-I mean no harm ma'am." He stammered, his hands rose up and he dropped down to his knees. Kiyuna let her tongue clip the forth of her mouth a couple times, shaking her head in shame. " I'm sure you don't. Now about your brother. What was his name again?" She smirked, cracking her neck in three places to ease the stiffness. " M-Malborne." The wolf hybrid bit his lip, flinching and readying himself for the impact of a bullet. Yet, it never came only the beautiful sound of the women's voice. " Ah, Malborne, he was quite the brute. I assure you, he is not dead. Not yet." Her crystallizing blue eyes lit up, the black core in the center of her orbs grew bigger and she eyed the man below her. " I want you too do me a favor." Kiyuna whispered, smiling slightly when the man nodded in agreement, though he could not control himself, she was taking over him for the time being. " Go out into the forest, your brother will be waiting for you at Dragon's Peak unless he hasn't already been devoured by the beasts there. There you will find him and a scroll for the Dragonborne, I want you to bring me back that scroll, whether or not your at the verge of dying." She released him, making him fall forward then scurry off into the tree line of the dark forest. Kiyuna straightened up, putting her gun back on safety and sliding it into the holster on her thigh. Returning her place back upon the chair, the people around her went about their business, trying not to meet Kiyuna's gaze. Vixen was getting restless as he waited out in the blazing sun for Kiyuna, and she could sense his frustration. Her muscles rippled under her clothing and before you knew if she was standing to her feet and stalking her way up to the counter. Her elbows laced along the wooden surface, then stopping she motioned for someone. Not a moment later a man came up drew in a heavy sigh and speaking. " What would you like to drink my lovely dame." He charmed, wanting to get her affection of some kind, but that wasn't enough for her and the man could see it. She huffed at his comment, rolling her heavenly eyes. " A couple shots of straight vodka." she shooed him out of her sight, turning around and leaning against the counter as she waited for her drink to be served to her. Her interests were sinking through cracks in the floor, checking out each and every guy in this bar and seeing none to her advantage. She grumbled meaningful words under her breath, feeling someone tap her shoulder she snarled and snatched her drink up and lifted the cold glass to her plush lips. She breathed in the smell and her mouth watered, she parted her lips a little and gulped the vodka down. Slamming the glass back down on the bar and grasping another in the palm of her hands and drinking the last few, side stepping out of the way of two men that were barreling. Crashing into the bar, the two cowards made Kiyuna's lip curl up in disgust and she walked off. Not paying any mind to the googly eyes that she was getting, if there was no men here for her then she would go else where until she found her prey.

Though just as she was coming out of the saloons doors someone was on horseback of Vixen. Her eyes blazed in rage, not wasting any time she dejected her machete. Watching as the man snickered down at Kiyuna, testing her wits. She shook in pure anger, looking from Vixen to the guy. Her heart raced. " I suggest you get off that horse unless you want your blood to rain upon this here ground." She warned him, yet he didn't believe her. The man spoke this time, " Everyone says your the best of the best, let's see you try and kill me." This was a breaking point for the girl and in an eye blink later she was locked on top of the mans shoulders, her legs draping over his face and she pressed the blades edge to his throat and suddenly his head was chopped off and she leaped into the air. Levitating down gently, she slowly rose to her full height. The mans head clasped in her right hand, his body falling off Vixen's side. The stud let his masculine frame rustle, trotting over to Kiyuna and nudging her arm. She released the head of the man and reunited with her companion, putting his forehead to hers and chuckling a bit with each other.

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