RESISTANCE 4 Avenging Angel

See (I.R.) Initial Report filed by Dr. Alexander Bassam.


1. The Report

RESISTANCE 4  Avenging Angel


Introductory Statement of Record


Below is my initial report on the subject codenamed.. Second EVE.  I
have also included a brief description of mission objectives as approved
by my supervisor, General Abram John Adexus.  All information herein
will be verified through proper channels, and all times and dates
rendered upon final report.


Dr. Alexander Bassam




    In Resistance Fall of Man Nathan Hale became infected with the Chimeran Virus.
In Resistance 2, Nathan Hale meets a young British soldier while trapped in a Chimeran
hybridization facility.  He is attracted to her sharp Witt and her courage under fire.
    They spend only a short time together.  Soon after, a baby girl is born.  Early in
her childhood it becomes apparent that the newborn infant human/chimeran hybrid is
gifted with many special abilities that her fathers hybrid DNA have given her.
    It is believed that during this time, close to the final action in Resistance 2, one
of the Chimeran hybrids, managed to send a message to the Chimeran home world.  The
message was highly encrypted but through much effort had been partly translated to
read.. Defeat not an option... send the Prison Sphere.. Capture host world.. a prize for the
council of worlds.
    The leaders now fearful that the already badly devastated populations on earth
could now face a new threat by the Chimera.  In their desperation to stop
any such event, they put together a plan for pre-emptive strike on the Chimeran
home world.

    Information had come forward through an undisclosed source that such a pre-emptive
stike would be possible due to the fact that the Chimeran hybrid that sent the message was killed before he could erase the activation sequencing that opened a stable wormhole through which he had sent the signal.
    Using this wormhole, the leaders of the Resistance planned to send a probe and later a
human pilot to deliver a unique kind of virus that would kill any Chimeran biology once physical contact was made through an inert bio-digital state, however, all initial tests failed.
    The probe could not effectively shield certain aspects of the virus from the intense
gravitational effects of entrance into the gateway.  In an attempt to overcome this, A human host was used to protect the virus, but the human host died upon contact with the gateway.
    When all seemed lost, a representative of the Resistance command contacted me.  I
reluctantly agreed to join the project.  I found the idea of sending a human pilot through the first known stable wormhole too compelling too resist.
    After beginning my work on the project, both I and my team struggling with no real measure of success.  It was becoming quite clear that the gateway was far too hostile an environment to safely navigate with our existing technology.
    Late one evening while in my quarters, I received a coded message that revealed to me that a hosts capable of surviving entrance into the gateway did in fact exist.  A young female human/chimeran hybrid.  The daughter of Nathan Hale and Elizabeth Bane.
     I first made visual contact with the subject while the young woman was attempting to gain access into an experimental Psi Program.  She was denied entrance due to her confrontational nature.  It was here that I first approached the subject, as she was sitting on the steps outside the facility.
    I introduced myself and went on to explain my reason for approaching her in this manner.
I told her that I was part of an experimental project, and that her special abilities could be very useful in the program.  She asked how much it payed.  I told her she would have no more financial problems.

     Hungry and homeless due to the fact that her landlord had put her out, the young
woman reluctantly agreed, and went with me despite her misgivings about talking to
strangers.  We were then taken to the Neptunian base location by way of rapid transports
using a series of underground tunnels.
    The final part of our voyage took place on an A.I. controlled nuclear submersible.
As for her progress throughout both initial and final trials, the subject had passed every
test exhibiting an extra-ordinary ability to adapt to any conditions she encountered.
    In short, her hybrid abilities once fine tuned and perfected, made her super-human
in strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, and gave her the ability to control chimeran
technology at will.  The chimeran DNA also gave her the ability to withstand the effects of
the wormhole, at least in computer simulation.
    Her only weakness as pointed out by General Adexus was her confrontational nature.
My only reply to him was that her confrontational nature might very well save us all.  The
young woman had received a crash course as an astronaut, a warrior, a medical technician
and what many call the most secret of agencies,. a ghost.
    On a more personal note.  Through my direct contact with her, I had begun to feel a
certain connection with this young woman.  The more I tried to distance myself from her,
the more concerned for her I became.  Unlike many of my colleges who treated her as little more than an object, I began to question sending her on this mission knowing that she would never return home again.
    Still, I knew that I was bound by my obligations to this agency and the desperation
we all felt in stopping a chimeran invasion.  I often found myself telling her that his was the only way, but inside, the idea of sending this young woman to her death was killing
me then, and still haunts me as I write this report.  So often I watched as she struggled
with her own humanity and her innate desire for self preservation, but then I saw the
courage in this young woman as she soon came to accept the mission and all that
it stood for.
    Upon completion of her training and the fact that the gateway was beginning to
show signs of destabilization, the young woman was given only a few days to do with
as she pleased.  She spends those precious few days with some of the children
at the foster care center where she herself had grown up after her mothers death.
    She gets drunk at a bar, and later picks a fight with the slum lord who had often
mistreated both her and her only friend at the time.  She came to fall in love with the
gardener who works at the foster care facility.  He later tries desperately to discourage her
from taking any further part in the mission. A number of agents watching them attempt
to separate them but she intervenes.
    They say their goodbye.  The young woman’s identity has been removed from all
records.  She has been effectively erased.  The only document that shows she ever existed
at all simply calls her by her codename... Second EVE.  For the next twelve hours she is
suspended in biometric super insulating liquid gel that will help cushion the effects of
entering the gateway.
    As I said my goodbye to this brave young woman, I promised I would not let her
sacrifice be unknown.  I told her I would cherish our friendship for the rest of my life.  The
Bio-Orb in which she is suspended is then placed into the capsule.  The capsule was
launched from a high energy rail gun.

    Entering into high orbit, we watched as the capsule swung around the rim of the Earth, then was propelled toward the event horizon of the gateway.  In rapid succession, we watched as a window to the other side of the universe opened.  The tiny capsule and a single living soul were subsequently drawn in by the gravitational effects of the wormhole.
    The gateway collapsed as if a windows curtain had been drawn from within 5th
dimensional space creating a light show of interstellar characteristics unlike anything
any of us had ever imagined possible.  It was done.  Now all we can do is wait and hope.
Hope the mission will be a success.  Hope all our efforts will not have been in vane.  Only
time will tell.
    Personal note:  I may never be able to forgive myself for what we have done to her,
but I know in my heart she was ready.  I hope she finds peace in the knowledge that she
saved us all... I miss my friend.  Her name was Rebecca Elizabeth Hale.  Her friends called
her Becca...

... *** END OF REPORT ***  




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