Tales For The Living And Those Who Don't Want To Be

This is a Movella just to help people with problems in life.

1. Rings

When I was little, I had a ring. It was gold with diamonds. I don't know what it was or what it was for, but my father gave it to me. He said it was for a woman he loved. The ring was too big for me but I would wear it anyway. One day, I lost the ring. My father screamed at me. I don't know why. But he still screamed at me. He hit me. I cried. A few years later, I saw a movie with someone wearing a ring like that one. I asked my father about the ring again. He never told me about it. After that, he told me that he gave a woman the same kind of ring. I hate that woman. She hated me. One day, I left. I met a boy, and he gave me a ring. I loved him. But after I left, he gave the ring to a little girl who looked like me. She lost it, too.   

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