Lost At Sea

Brayden, Noah, Jake, Josh, Victoria, Hannah, Alexis, And Taylor Had All Just Graduated High school And Wanted To Celebrate. So They All Decide To Chip In And Pay For An Exciting Summer Cruise Aboard The Elixir, But When Something Goes Wrong They All Regret Ever Leaving Land....


1. Troubled Mind

"Victoria we need you to tell us all you all you can about what happened that day"

I stared at the woman blankly, So many things were knocking around my brain at the moment, I'm not even sure of whats going on right now. All I remember is that my friends and I had went on a cruise and something went horribly wrong and we ended up stranded on a godforsaken island in the middle of the pacific ocean. And now I'm here laying in a hospital bed with an investigator trying to get information out of me. 

"Where are my friends?" I suddenly realized that I am by myself my friends must be in another hospital room or maybe they're at their houses?

"Victoria..." She looked at me with a pained expression and sighed "Your friends are all dead you're the only one that survived" 

I began to laugh "No they aren't.."

Then Some of what had happened on that island began to flow back into my mind.    

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