In Love With A Malfoy

Lily Luna Potter is the daughter of the most famous person in the Wizareding world Harry Potter and Ginny Wesley her older Brothers are Albus and James Potter. she also has 3 Cousin's Rosie Louis Rosie's youngest brother and then Tom Wesley. This is their final year and Scorpio's also he and Lily and Rosie are all good friends al of them but Rosie wants to be more then friends with him. Lily is Dating Luna and Neville's Oldest Son Hayden. So will Rosie and Scorp be together in their last year


8. Chapter 7 (Rosie)

I looked down Today we are going to see Scorpios's Parents I breathed in deeply (Your going to be great there going to love you.) I thought to myself  when Scorp came up and took my hand to get on the train I got in the compartment and sat down (BREATH,breath,breath RO.!) I said to myself  Breathing slowly (WHat if hyis parents hate ME!!!!)" I thought scaring myself even more then I already was"Scorop I -Whet if they dont like me?!" I said scared he just chukled and smiled at me "They will love you at least Mum will." He shrugged and then I bet I started shaking couse he sat me on his lap "They will LOVE you I promess." He said I nodded and Hugged him trying not to look out the window and see were comeing to a stop "were here." I wispered to him scared to him we took each hand and walked off to see his parents waiting for us at the front their hair really stood out Platnuiam Blound and Blue eyes Scorpios has some gold in it I smiled as his Mum smiled and waved to us as we walked over they took our bags "Hello Rosie I am Malissa Lucy Malfoy Maden name Louising." she smiled and held out her hand and I shook it "Well lets go." we walked out to the next part Muggles I laughed Quitly to myself  "whats so funny??" scorpios said and I laughed a bit more "NOthing lets get going..." we left the station to there house...

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