In Love With A Malfoy

Lily Luna Potter is the daughter of the most famous person in the Wizareding world Harry Potter and Ginny Wesley her older Brothers are Albus and James Potter. she also has 3 Cousin's Rosie Louis Rosie's youngest brother and then Tom Wesley. This is their final year and Scorpio's also he and Lily and Rosie are all good friends al of them but Rosie wants to be more then friends with him. Lily is Dating Luna and Neville's Oldest Son Hayden. So will Rosie and Scorp be together in their last year


7. Chapter 6 (Scorpios)

I looked down at my watch its Saturday and Me and Rose have a date I was breathing heavily when I saw her she is wearing a white short dress with a little pink flower in her hair and she had makeup on a bit of creamy pink lip-gloss and a bit of white eye-shadow she looks perfect I smiled at her I was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans that are blue or dark blue I looked down at my hand I was holding a rainbow rose when she got to me I hugged her and then I smiled even bigger when I brought the rose out "I picked this out for you to match you personality." I smiled as she blushed and waved her wand it was in a blue vase and gone in her room I smiled at her and took her hand in mine and our fingers entwined . We got finally to Hogsmead and we started walking toured the woods     I walked her down till I stopped told her to put n a blind fold she questioned me at first but then did it and I lead her to a table with food on it and a candle I smiled and took off the blind fold "OH Scorp did you cook all of this?!" She squealed happily I smiled "Yea I thought we could eat here the go to hunnydoks." I looked at her and pulled her chair out and when she sat down I went to mine "Lets dig in?!'' I said and she happily agreed we ate Raviolis from Italy she smiled at me while we ate we started talking about our jobs we want "I want to be a wand maker. "I told her and she smiled "you would be perfect at that." she told me and then I asked her what she wanted to be "I want to be its funny but I do want to be this I want to be a teacher at Hogwarts." She said I smiled at her "That's not funny that's cool ." I told her while putting another Olive in my mouth "I would love to be a Wand Maker with you though that sounds like fun after all Luna is a wand maker after Olivnder died." she sighed We both have Luna Longbottom wands "Mine is Phinox feather." I told her "Mine is Dragon Heart string." I thought about my dads unicorn hair his and her parents were Olivnder's. We talked for what seemed like hours until the dinner disappeared and we made our way to the candy shop We got Cotton candy in the shape of a heart till I felt a nudge on me "Oy Fred Wesley." I said and hugged him he's one of my best friend's "Hey I am on a um...Date with Rosie so bye." I turned around and looked at Rosie she was blushing that I was talking to her uncle Fred I took her hand and walked with her along the road we talked about random things nothing really important "Ha I knew it you did have a thing for Randy." I laughed at her "SO you had a thing for Marlin Chances." she said back I laughed with her and I put my arm around her waist only a few more months to Christmas and I has to ask her something impotent "Okay.. Rosie will you go to my family's Manner with me this Christmas?'' she looked at me and then smiled "YES.. YES." She said jumping in my arms hugging me Finally we had to go back To Hogwarts...I Love her maybe we will be together  in our older years..Love:lily and Cindy    

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