In Love With A Malfoy

Lily Luna Potter is the daughter of the most famous person in the Wizareding world Harry Potter and Ginny Wesley her older Brothers are Albus and James Potter. she also has 3 Cousin's Rosie Louis Rosie's youngest brother and then Tom Wesley. This is their final year and Scorpio's also he and Lily and Rosie are all good friends al of them but Rosie wants to be more then friends with him. Lily is Dating Luna and Neville's Oldest Son Hayden. So will Rosie and Scorp be together in their last year


4. Chapter 3 (Rosie)

I looked out to see we were comeing up apon Hogwarts "Hey we should get changed" I smiled at him and he did a smirk "okay" I looked at him and flicked my wand and my Hogwarts robes were on and so were his "okay so do you think this is going to be awsome it is our last year the year we find our jobs and our lifes " he told me amd i looked at him "yea i know" I sighed out a bit of my sadness "Hey Scorp" i asked him and he loked at me "Yea" i smiled "if thier is a dance Promes will go to gether something we can do to ghether " I smiled and he looked at me "Of course" he said and hugged me I felt the bubbling again and the electricity was going insan "Hey come on we stopped" I got up and Scorpios followed me we found a carrige and it was empty we climbed in I smiled at him and then we were off to Hogwarts "so are you exitcted " He asked me "Yes i am but also very sad about it" he looked at me a bit unhappy "why are you sad" he asked and put a arm around me and i put my head on his shoulder and smiled "you know this is nice its so quit" he put his head on mine and we sat like that till someone came in and then i felt the daggers of the eyes Posy "WHAT IN THE HECK  IS THIS SCORPIOS"  we picked our heads up "Nothing and Posy im not your pet and im not your property And Were over POSY" he yelled and all you heard was yelling "YOUR DUMPING ME FOR HER THAT ROSIE SLUT" and then i felt like i was eanding it but i really statrted it then Scorpios had me in his arms and so close to his mouth i could tast his breath on my lips and then Posy lost it she grabed me by the hair but before she could Scorpios Kissed me full on the lips and then my arms were around his neck and puling him closer to me and his arms tightend on my waist and he started to open my mouth and then our tounghes were intwined together and our bodys moved together when we pulled away i was blushing a dark red andwe looked at each other till th carrige stopped...Were Back but if we kissed will it be again or will it be our last??..

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