In Love With A Malfoy

Lily Luna Potter is the daughter of the most famous person in the Wizareding world Harry Potter and Ginny Wesley her older Brothers are Albus and James Potter. she also has 3 Cousin's Rosie Louis Rosie's youngest brother and then Tom Wesley. This is their final year and Scorpio's also he and Lily and Rosie are all good friends al of them but Rosie wants to be more then friends with him. Lily is Dating Luna and Neville's Oldest Son Hayden. So will Rosie and Scorp be together in their last year


2. Chapter 1 (Rosie)

I got my trunk out of the car and followed Mum and Dad up to plat forms 9 and 10 "OKay Rose you go first" I ran full speed at the wall and tehn i felt like i had goon threw a Ghost and then I see my Uncle and Aunt and i run over to them "Hi Uncle Harry and Aunt Gin" I smile and hugged them "Hi Rose" they both say together "Albus,James,Lily" I hug each one of them  and then the toot-toot of the train gets us off of are happyness.I got in to a conpartment that no one was in "Good bye Mum and Dad" i yelled out the window as they wave to me i sit back down adn Tiggra curles up in my lap then teh door opens "hey Ro is it okay if i sit here" The fimiler voice "Yes" and he sat right beside me and "Hey Scorp" i said and he grined at me his Blound hair always took me by supriz and his Blue-Grey eyes always loked good.As we talked the door once again opend and their stood The Pig i hated Pansy Parkens Daughter Posy "Scorpiiiii" she squled her Dark brown hair layed to her waist "Oh hi Posy" his smile faded and she sat down beside me her fake Breast's unlike my C cup and then she was all over him i was discusted at her "I have to go Scorp" she got up and looked Daggers at me and tehn turned away "GOD DAME SCORIOS" I yelled at him and he looked at me like i was going crazy "what is your Problom" He asked and I turned back out of teh window when he threw his arms around me and hugged me then i felt a shock of electricty i have never felt this but it was bubbling in side and it made me want him more then a friend...Wait More then A friend is it possibal i Like Scorpios Malfoy No were just really good friends i think.???

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