I'm a demigod...

I always thought magic and God's weren't real. I mean, they're myths right? Well, I was wrong. I was always right ,until now... I am a demigod.


2. Why, Welcome To Your Knew Life!

I woke up. I looked around and saw I was in a cabin. Me. Emina Sky Spickers, Daughter of Zeus. WHAT THE BLOODY HEll! I never knew of this! And I have so many questions. It's like, I have a sea of questions, and skies full of answers and I'm drowning. I want to see my father. I sighed. I know I can't do that. He's a god. "Hey Emina..."I heard Ashton say. He was in Greek armor. "I know it's a lot to take In, but it's all true." He said. "Ashton, why couldn't I know of this before?" "It would've put you in great danger. I protect of you." He said. I got up and walked outside. "So my dad didn't really go to war?" I asked. "Oh he did alright. But it was a gods war." He said. I looked around and saw a boy looking at me. He winked. I felt my cheeks get warm and I smiled at him. He looked like he was sixteen or seventeen. I was fifteen. I waved at him ans he came to me. "Hello, beautiful." The boy said. He had dark brown curls, tanned skin, and he smelled like oil. "Hi, I'm Emina." I said. "Leo. Son of Hephaestus. And this is my friend Festus." He said pointing at a giant metal dragon. "Amazing!" I gasped. He chuckled. "Let me show you around camp." He said taking my arm. I smiled and walked with him. He explained everything. After a few hours, we went back to the dining part. I sat down at my table and noticed a boy there. He was blonde and he also had gray eyes like mine. He was looking at me intensely. "Hi, I'm Emina. You are...?" I said. "Jason Grace. Son of Zeus." He said. "You're my brother..." I said. I thought I was an only child. "Yes but listen up. I don't want to be near you ok? So stay away from me and my friends. Including Leo." He said and left. I was speechless. I took in all he said and cried. I don't belong here. I should go. But, you thoughts were interrupted by a girl. She was dark skinned, had curly brown hair and golden eyes. She looked younger than me. "Hi, I'm Hazel Levesque. Daughter of Hades. Sorry of Jason. We recently lost two of our closest friends. They fell into Tartarus." She said. "I-i am truly sorry... I don't want to be a problem to him. I was shocked because I never knew I had a brother." I said. She sighed, "and you have a sister too. Her name is Thalia. She is a Hunter for Artemis." Great, more news to take In. "Hazel! Let's go!" Jason said. "Let's take take her with us!" She said. He looked at me. "Fine." She smiled and pulled me with her to a flying boat. On the mast, it said Argo ll. A new journey awaits for me! 

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