I'm a demigod...

I always thought magic and God's weren't real. I mean, they're myths right? Well, I was wrong. I was always right ,until now... I am a demigod.


3. Jason, Don't Treat Me Like Crap!

I sat in the middle of the deck. I looked at the sky. Why doesn't Jason want to know me? I didn't do anything to him or say anything to him...  "Hey Emina. I'm Frank Zhang. Son of Ares." Said a tall boy. "Hi Frank. Nice to meet you..." I said. "Why are you sad?" He asked. "My brother seems to not like me..." I said crying. "Oh... Well you have a friend here." Frank said smiling. I smiled and hugged him. "Thanks Frank. You're really sweet." I said. I let go of him and got out my headphones and iPod. I started listening to Believe from Blood On The Dance Floor. I sang along. I have hidden talents, and singing is one of them. "We all fall down, but we'll pick you up..." I sang the rest of the song while looking at the sky. I was in my own little world. Then I realized, everyone was looking at me. "Was I singing that loud?" I thought to myself. "Wow, you sing amazing..." said Leo. "T-thanks, Leo." I said, a bit embarrassed. I looked over at Jason, he just simply rolled his eyes at me. I had to confront him. I walked over to him. "Why do you hate me? I have done nothing wrong to you!" I said. "Yes you did. You appeared here." He said. I was taken a back by his response. "You really hate me that much?" I asked crying. He ignored me. "Fine." I jumped off the boat, and was falling down the sky. I was ready to die. I was about to impact hard in  the water, when something soft stopped me. I looked around me and saw I was in a bubble. In the ocean. I looked around and saw a man coming towards me. The man had sea green eyes, black hair, and a Trident in hand. "Hello, Emina. I am Poseidon. Your Uncle." Said the man. "P-Poseidon? Did you save me?" I asked him. "Yes. I saved you." Said Poseidon. "Why?" I asked. "Believe it or not, your brother, Jason, Iris-Messaged me. He told me what you did and here I am." He explained. "Why did he do that? He doesn't care of me." I said confused. "He does care of you. He is just depressed after Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus. I thinks it's his fault." "But he doesn't have to take it out on me." I said reasonably. "True. Come on. I'll have a Pegasus to escort you back to the boat. Take care, my beautiful niece." He said and a Pegasus came. "Uncle Poseidon, can you say hi to my dad ,if you ever see him?" I asked him, mounting the Pegasus. He smiled and nodded. I drifted away. The Pegasus flew to the Argo II. It dropped me off on the deck. Jason came to me. "I'm sorry, Em. I didn't mean to be rude. And you're right. You haven't done anything to me and I don't even know you." He said. "An apology huh?" I said. He nodded. I smiled and hugged him. "Let's get to know each other!" I said, smiling. 

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