I'm a demigod...

I always thought magic and God's weren't real. I mean, they're myths right? Well, I was wrong. I was always right ,until now... I am a demigod.


4. Damon, Son of Hephaestus, Brother of Leo?

Me and Jason spent hours talking. We had so many things in common! Well, we arrived at our destination and got off of the ship. We were at California. I hope I see my favorite book author, Laini Taylor here! We went to China Town. Jason looked for clues while I was looking around. Leo, Frank, and Hazel tagged along with me. Piper stayed with Jason. We were at a cute Chinese kiosk that sold sushi rolls. I ordered a hot roll sushi. I shared with the group. Then I noticed the most peculiar thing. A boy that looked like Leo was looking at me. "Leo, you don't have a twin brother right?" I asked him. He shook his head. I pointed at the boy that looked like Leo and he dropped his sushi. We went to the boy. "Hey!" Leo said to the boy to turn around. He turned around and my heart melted. This boy was absolutely gorgeous. He had black curly hair like Leo's, tanned skin like Leo's, and the smell of oil like Leo. But instead of Leo's brown eyes, he had hazel eyes. "Yes?" Said the boy, turning around and gasping. He looked straight at me. He walked to me. "Emina?" He asked. "Do I know you?" I asked confused. "Summer Camp at New York! We were six years old. Damon!" He said. I remembered. "Oh gosh!! How have you been?!" I asked hugging him. "I've been good. I'm actually looking for my long lost brother. We were separated at birth. What I've heard, his name is Leo... Valdoz or Valdez." Leo looked surprised. "I-im Leo Valdez..." said Leo nervously. Damon looked at him and smiled. "Little Leo!" He said hugging Leo. Me, Frank, and Hazel went to a mall. We went to a store called Hot Topic. We entered and I fell in love. They had everything I liked! Bands, tv shows, and movie themed things! I went to the back and found a shirt of Never Shout Never and decided to buy it. Jason told me he liked Pierce The Veil so I took a shirt for him. I was at the line and then I saw him. Christopher Drew! I was fangirling so much. I played for my things and went to him. I patted his shoulder and he turned around. I smiled. "H-hi, I'm Emina Spickers. It's an honor to meet you." Christopher smiled. "Nice to know a fan. Want a picture and a signing?" I nodded. We took a picture and he signed my shirt. I had to leave. He kissed my hand and cheek and I left. My day was made. We went back to the ship and saw Jason, Leo, and Damon there. "Guys, Damon is coming with us. He is also Son of Hephaestus." Jason said. Damon smiled at me. I blushed. Yay, I might be in a relationship!

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