I'm a demigod...

I always thought magic and God's weren't real. I mean, they're myths right? Well, I was wrong. I was always right ,until now... I am a demigod.


5. Bumping Into A Teddybear Killer

Damon and I talked for hours. We could talk about anything! We have so many things in common. I kind of like him but I also like a bit Leo. Leo is funny and cute and always knows how to put a smile in your face. Damon... Damon is smart, cute, and mysterious. Something of him is very mysterious but I don't know what... Well anyway, it was now 8:45 pm and it was time for dinner. We went to the mess hall and there was a banquet there. A whole chicken, potatoes, rice, noodles, fruit, nuts, beans, vegetables, and many other things. We sat down, Leo on my right, Damon on my left. We served our food and started eating. It was delicious. "Ok guys. We need a plan for when we see Octavian." Jason said. "Um, who is Octavian?" I asked. Leo looked at me. "Octavian is a psycho teddy bear killing blonde guy who hates us." They all looked at him. "Well, they hate us because of me. I caused something but it wasn't me. An eidolon took over me." Leo explained. Then a BOOM went off at the deck. We went there, armed, and saw a blonde guy. "Think you can escape me, Greeks? Think again." He said and other guys came to the deck. We started fighting. The blonde one came towards me. I took my sword and started fighting with him. "You think you're better than me?!" He yelled. "No. But I'm tougher then you are!!" I yelled at him. I knocked out his sword and he was against the wall. Everyone stopped fighting. "Get off of my ship or else when I see you again I will kill you." I said. My eyes turned cold and they were grayer than ever. The skies turned into thunderstorms. The winds were cold. He looked at me and bowed down. "Of course, Your Magesty." He sneered and left. Your Magesty? Weirdo. Jason looked at me. Everyone did. And they also bowed. "Emina, princess of the sky, we bow down to you." They all said. "What are you guys talking about?" I asked them. They pointed at my hair, eyes, and forehead. "You are the princess of the skies. You have the blood of every single God in you. And you have claimed your throne in the sky." Jason said.

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