I'm a demigod...

I always thought magic and God's weren't real. I mean, they're myths right? Well, I was wrong. I was always right ,until now... I am a demigod.


1. Hello, The Gods Have Claimed You

Why is it that high school is such stupidity? Everyone fight. The football players are with the cheerleaders. The nerds are with the nerds. Goths with Goths. So on, so on... Me? I am the outcast. I don't fit in anywhere. I have ADD and dyslexia. I forgot to say my name! Sorry! Well, my name is Emina Sky Spickers. I am a sophomore at Faith High. A hellhole. I love music, reading, and drawing. And I'm a Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Laini Taylor's trilogy geek. 

Today, I woke up with a nightmare. I dreamt two shadowed figures dragging me down to hell. Weird huh? Well, I had to get ready for school. I took a shower, blow dried my long, silky, black hair, and took some black skinny jeans, a dark blue long sleeved shirt, and white high top Converse. I put on my favorite necklace. It was a long peacock feather my mom made for me. My mom is my only family right now. I never knew my dad. My mom  said he was amazing. But apparently, he went to war right after I was born. Sad right? But I love my mom. Her name is Rosetta Spickers. She has long black hair like mine, dark skin like mine, and the same smile. Mom says I have my father's eyes. My eyes are gray-ish blue. So, his must be too. We live in New York. Always have, actually. I've never left New York. EVER. We don't have that kind of money. My mom works six days a week for eight hours straight. After her work, we go to the bakery to talk about the day. Anyway, I finished getting ready and walked to school. It was quiet. Like always. I only have one friend. His name is Ashton Elijah Stewarts. He is like my brother. We know each other since we were babies. Every school I am, he goes. I got to school and went to my classroom. Class started and I started drawing. I have a thing for mythological creatures. Even though I don't believe in them. I drew a griffin walking down some stairs from the sky. A few phoenixes around. Then, an explosion occurred. I looked to the whole In the wall and saw two Empousa. They screeched. "WHERE IS EMINA SPICKERS?" They both screamed. Everyone pointed to where I was. I was scared. "Oh! What a treat! Gaea will be pleased to have you." They said. "Well, tell Gaea she's unlucky. Emina is not for eating." Said Ashton. "Step back, you puny little demigod." They said. Ashton took out a key and it turned into a sword. He fighted the creatures and killed them. "Emina, let's go!" Ashton said. I didn't think twice and ran with him to my house. My mom didn't work today so we saw her there. "Guys, what's wrong?" She asked. "Rose, they've found her." Ashton said. "Oh... Let's go now!" Mom said. we ran to the door and went to the car. She started driving. After a few hours, we got to a grape field. We passed the entrance and got to a Greek like structure. I read Greek. I learned when I was little. The reading said, "Camp Half-Blood." "I'll see you soon Sky." My mom said with tears. "No, mom I can't leave you." I cried. "You have to. It's time." She said. "Time for what?" I said. "To meet your father." She said and disappeared. I looked at Ashton. He nodded and started walking. We got to a battle field. There were people eating. "Everyone, this is Emina Spickers. She is going to be claimed tonight." Ashton said. As he said that, my forehead burned. Everyone looked at me and gasped. "ZEUS CHILD!" Someone screamed. I felt dizzy and fell to the ground, knocked out.

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