she stares at the cuts,scars,and bruises on her body.Olivia May Martin lives in london and has been abused from her all started when she was 11.thats when her mother died.after her only friend takes her life 17, in high school its even harder for her. She gets told every day that shes ugly,fat,worthless and doesnt deserve to live because nobody likes her.Olivia just wants it all to stop.and end.She wants to be with her mother and her friend .will she end her life?(one direction)


5. strangers


"Are you lost?do you need a ride?"I asked.As I pulled to a stop on the side of the road."no" was all she said,it was like she was scared."Are you sure?because we can give you a ride..Or a place to stay.?" That last part made her stop,like she was thinking about what to say but didnt know how to reply.So she walked over to the back door, opened it and jumped in without saying a word.



I just hoped in.I didn't say anything,I just opened the door and got in.Until I saw who was in the front seat, looking back at me.Liam Payne and Niall Horan.I WAS IN THE SAME CAR AS LIAM PAYNE AND NIALL HORAN!!!FROM ONE DIRECTION MY FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD!! I didn't say anything,Because i was sooo happy.I just sat in the back seat with a really stupid smile on my face.I sat there.they don't  know me,but i know them.We are strangers.


"Are you ok?"Niall asked looking at me like I was having a heart attack."Ohh,yes I'm fine." I said.  "why were you walking on the sidewalk alone?when it was looked lost?"Liam asked still looking at me."I-I'm not lost.I'm just runing away..."I said.waiting for a reply."WHAT?" they both said looking at me like i just killed someone."What are you runing away from?" Liam asked." Can i stay at our house?"i asked not answering his real question.He didn't answer,he just drove.The rest of the car ride was really quiet.




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