she stares at the cuts,scars,and bruises on her body.Olivia May Martin lives in london and has been abused from her all started when she was 11.thats when her mother died.after her only friend takes her life 17, in high school its even harder for her. She gets told every day that shes ugly,fat,worthless and doesnt deserve to live because nobody likes her.Olivia just wants it all to stop.and end.She wants to be with her mother and her friend .will she end her life?(one direction)


2. school





I woke up, and looked over to my desk to see what time it was 7:25.School starts at 8:00.It was friday the last day of the week-Only one month of school left-That means i'm home  all weekend,with my dad alone,again.


I got out of bed,and went to get an outfit out of my closet.I picked a pink shirt that said  'forever and  always' with a infinity sign on it,and some shorts.I put  my long light brown hair in a bun.And walked down the stairs.I don't need to eat.So I grabed my bag and left.School is only 20 minutes away, so I walk because I dont have a car.So I plug my headphones into my phone,and hit shuffle.


*at school*


I arived at school and walked to my locker.As I was putting my flute away for band,I could hear everything people were saying."look its the freak." and "oh my god shes so wonder why nobody likes her,"  and the one that hurt the most "She has NO friends.her dad abuses her.Nobody wants a friend who has cuts and bruises." And I know who said that,Mia and her "pack".The most popular girls in school.


I turned around and they were there, ready to insult me."Oh you showed up?what your dad didn't beat you last night?" Mia said.I just shook my head and tried to go past her."Come on answer me bitch." Everyone around started to clap and yell "yeah answer her!" Then she pushed me into the lockers."Stop," I said.bad choice."What did you say?" she said with a smile on her face.

"STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"  Miss.Moore-my english teacher- said yelling at everyone to get to class."And you two, office now!" great.


***4 hours later***


It's lunch,and Mia got sent home.I only have three hours left.I don't eat lunch,I don't need to i'm fat.So I do homework.After the lunch bell rang I grabed my bag and went to math.


In math, Mr.Herman handed out homework and told us we had the hole hour to finish it.And in band we practiced for the concert thats in a week.



Now it's English my  last hour,and my  favorite hour.Miss.Moore is my favorit teacher too.She told us to write who our favorite parent is and why.Then she came up to me and told me that I can write about my mom,because she knows about everything thats happened.So i started my writing.It only took half of the hour.The rest I just read.The book i was reading was "Moon Over Manifest"  By Clare Vanderpool,it a good book.Then the bell rang so i grabed my bag and walked outside straight home.



HEYY GUYESS! sorry I didn't update this week>>> don't hate me i love you guyess;)

well now that i'm at my dads i can update a lot!!YAYYY   I WILL UPDATE MORE THIS TODAY!!! I PROMISE<3 -- maddy



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