she stares at the cuts,scars,and bruises on her body.Olivia May Martin lives in london and has been abused from her all started when she was 11.thats when her mother died.after her only friend takes her life 17, in high school its even harder for her. She gets told every day that shes ugly,fat,worthless and doesnt deserve to live because nobody likes her.Olivia just wants it all to stop.and end.She wants to be with her mother and her friend .will she end her life?(one direction)


3. Good news



As I walked through the door, I could see a shadow form before my dad steped infront of me.I was scared because he looked happy.And I dont know why but i have a  feeling that something bad is going to happen.



"hi." I said. "Come with me I have to tell you somthing." he said turning around and walking into the livingroom.My stomach did that flip that it always does when i'm near him.We walked in and he sat down, motioning for me to sit next to him."Olivia?"   "yes?"I said even more scared.  "I am leaving for the weekend.Don't leave or try to run away.because i will find you." Yes hes leaving. "Yes sir." I answered and he got up grabed his bag."Don't even try runing away!" he said before he opend the door walked out, and slamed it shut.


I ran up stairs to get ready to escape, the living hell I call life.



sorry it's short.more today love you guyes..-MADDY<3

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