she stares at the cuts,scars,and bruises on her body.Olivia May Martin lives in london and has been abused from her all started when she was 11.thats when her mother died.after her only friend takes her life 17, in high school its even harder for her. She gets told every day that shes ugly,fat,worthless and doesnt deserve to live because nobody likes her.Olivia just wants it all to stop.and end.She wants to be with her mother and her friend .will she end her life?(one direction)


1. Asking and Remembering



"Why?........Why?..." I said.Cleaning the dried blood of my body. "Why?Why me?Why would she let him do this to me? If she was still here this wouldnt happen" I started to cry. "If they both were here."


I remember.I remember when my mom was still here.Happy and cherful.She would make every one smile.She would tell me that I was beautiful,make me feel like I ment something in the world.


I remember.Payton was my BEST FRIEND!!She was always there for me I was always there for her.All of the sleepovers.And fun we had together.The sad thing is I remember her death,like it was yesterday.every event.And everything that happened.Our last hug,last day together,our last everything.And  still have the note she gave me.The one I keep right under my pillow.


 I wiped the last tear that slowly fell from my face,and walked out of the bathroom into my bedroom.As I walked in I sat on my bed.The note was the only thing i could think about now.I grabed it and read it out loud.




Dear Olivia, 

I love you!By the time you read this i will be somewhere far away.I will be safe.And no longer hurt.I'm sorry.

There are so many people I would write to if I had the time.Don't blame yourself I wanted this to happen.But you can blame life.please dont look for me,because you wont want to see what i look like.all dead.And hurt.

Just remember,that you will always be my best friend! AND PLEASE DON'T HURT YOURSELF!!


Payton  your best friend.forever and always.




After I read the note.I fell asleep.still thinking about best friend









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