Will It All Change?

(This movella is for 'Non Swifties') Meet Taylor, she used to be that girl thy made fun of everyone. Not she's being made fun of. Everyone turned on her. Will she still find love, and get a happily ever after or will it all stay the same?


2. Wow Really?!

When I walked in, I saw the one and only, Niall Horan! 

"Um Hi Niall." I said kinda scared. He just looked at me. 

"Hey Taylor. I'm the one that sent the note!" He said. I sighed. I thought he was gonna hurt me! 

"I've always like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.
"Yes yes yes!!" I screamed! I heard giggling but just shook it off. 
"Oh my gosh! Do you believe that, she thought I was serious!!" He screamed. Just then the curtain came down and revealed over 20 people laughing at me. I ran out crying and when I was close to the bathroom, the popur girls Tori, Bree and Hope, came up and shoved me to the ground! 
"Haha bitch, you thought Niall was serious! He likes me and we all know it!" Hope said!

"I-I'm sorry!!" I stuttered. Tori came up to me and slapped me across the cheek. Bree and Hope came and started kicking and punching me!

"Stop!! IT HURTS!!!" I screamed!!
"Haha bitch thinks we're gonna stop!!" Bree yelled! They stopped and ran around the corner. About a minute later they came back with Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik! I used to like them before. They came up to me. 
"Would you like a hand, love?" Harry asked. 
"Y-yes.." I said. I took his hand and he pulled me up to fast and har and I went flying foward into a trash can. I was face first and I started to cry.

After 20 minutes of bring in the trash can, something I didn't expect happened. 

"Umm do you need help?" Terri Smith, was being nice to me! 
"Uh yes please!" I said. 
"How long have you been there?" She asked. 
"About 20 minutes!" I said. 
"Oh I'm sorry I didn't come earlier!" She said. We talked for about 20 minutes until we had to go home. Turns out she lives across the street from me. 

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