Will It All Change?

(This movella is for 'Non Swifties') Meet Taylor, she used to be that girl thy made fun of everyone. Not she's being made fun of. Everyone turned on her. Will she still find love, and get a happily ever after or will it all stay the same?


4. Unexpected Surprise pt2

Chapter 4

A/N sorry for the late update... But schools out now so I'll be on more.... I hope.... JK

"I was about to ask you the same thing!" Louis said. And in walked..... Niall and Harry!! But they hate me.
"There she is!!" Niall screamed.
"Get that bitch!!" Harry said. I jumped from my bed and ran down the stairs and kept running around the couch. Harry came from my right, so I ran to the left. I didn't see that Niall was there and I ran right into him!
"God bitch, watch where you're going!!" He yelled in my face. I didnt know what to do so I fell to the ground and burst into tears thinking they would leave me... But no I was WAY off! Louis came running with one of my bras on, and ran around the house before he came and slapped me across the face like 10 times so hard that my nose and cheek started to bleed. Niall grabbed a clump of my hair and dragged me out the door.
"Niall where are we going?" I asked. He didnt answer. 
"Niall where are we going?!" I asked louder. Still no answer. 
"NIALL WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING!?!?!" I pretty much demanded!
"Calm down bitch, I heard you the first time! We're going to school!!" He said. I instantly got a bad feeling in my stomach. 
When we arrived, everyone was leaving to go home. 
"Attention everybody, I want to show you all something!" Niall yelled and got everyone's attention. He threw me to the ground and started ripping off my clothes. 
"Niall stop!" I said. He didn't. I started to kick, ad punch. One of my punches hit Niall in the jaw. 
"Tay-whore wanna play hard ball, you're gonna get it!!" He said. May I remind you I'm pretty much naked. 
He started to step on my boobs and my lower private area. I yelled and acreamed but no one helped me. 'My prince will one day come' I thought to myself. And not soon enough came my prince...?

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