Will It All Change?

(This movella is for 'Non Swifties') Meet Taylor, she used to be that girl thy made fun of everyone. Not she's being made fun of. Everyone turned on her. Will she still find love, and get a happily ever after or will it all stay the same?


5. Really?

A/N I've sorry I haven't been posting, I've had writers block!! I'm also looking for a co-author!! And I wrote this chapter on my way to the airport so it 
will be longer!! Yay!!

And not soon enought here came my prince...?
"Harry Styles?" I said!
"Oh my gosh! Taylor are you ok?" He asked, running towards me!
"No, stay away! You hate me! Remember!" I yelled at him! 
"Here let me help you. " he said! I took his hand, and he pulled me up. That's when I took the time to get together and run!! I ran as fast as I could and then some! I ran until I found an alley. I hid behind a trash can and started to cry. I cried because everyone hates me, because my life is a living hell, and because of other things! 
My life has been turned inside out, everyone turned on me! I JUST WANT TO DIE!!!
I looked around and found a piece of glass on the ground. I did what I said I'd never do, I cut! And not just a little cut, it was my whole arm! I started to cry, this time not because my life is hell, because of the cuts, but I didn't stop cutting, I cut my arms, legs, hips, and lastly, my neck! I started to feel dizzy, and it all started to go black. 

Bree's POV

I was walking down the hall of my house, with my boyfriend Zayn. I live in a mansion! 
"Zayn, should I call over Tori, Hope, Harry and Niall?" I asked. My parents aren't home, and they wouldn't care. 
"Ya sure that would be great!" He said. 

Hope's POV
I was taking a walk with Niall when my phone rang, it was Bree. 
"Hey Bree!" 
"Oh nothin, I'm with Niall"
"I will ask him!" 
"Niall, do you want to go over to Bree's house? Zayn's there, and she's gonna call Tori and Harry."
"I'm fine with that, I need to talk to Harry, so ya!" He said. 
"Ok Bree we'll be there in 5!" I said. 

Tori's POV
Me and Harry we sitting on my bed, just talking about life. 
"Why aren't your parents ever home?" Harry asked. 
"Well, the wor-" 

I was cut off by my phone ringing, I sighed of relief! 
"Hey Bree-Bree, what's up?" I asked. 
(T-Tori B-Bree)
B- Is Harry with you?
T-Ya why?
B-I wanted to know if you two wanted to come over?
T- I will ask him!
"Harry, do you want to go over to Bree's house?"
"Where is it?" He asked 
"It's at the top of the hill, the big mansion!" 
"Sure it will be fun" he said
T-He said yes! We will be there in 10! Byee!!

Once I hung up, I grabbed my shoes and phone and Harry got his things we left
"You never told me, why aren't your parents ever home?" He said
"Well the work alot and these last few days, they have been fighting alot so my dad moved out, and my mom has gotten depression, and she's been in the hospital for about two months now." I started to cry lightly. 

"You are the first person I hve ever told that to, not even Bree or Hope! Harry, you should feel special!"
"Wow! I'm so sorry for asking!" 
"It's ok Harry. It feels good to get it out" I said. As we walked up te hill, it started to rain really lightly, and heavier and heavier! By the time we got up there it was pouring rain! 

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