The Yule Ball (One Shot)

What really happened between Ron and Hermione at the Yule Ball? Did Hermione want to go to the ball with Ron all along? Did she only say yes to Krum to get back at Ron?


1. The Yule Ball (One Shot)

        Two Weeks before the Yule Ball, and Hermione Granger was desperately hoping she'd be asked by the one guy she's had her eye on since her first day at Hogwarts. Ron Weasley. Hermione wasn't quite sure why she was drawn to him so much. Maybe it was because of his red hair that she adored a lot. Or maybe the fact that they were always bickering, which Hermione always enjoyed. Whatever it was, it was something like love at first sight for Hermione. But she couldn't help but wonder if Ron had the same feelings for her, like she did for him. 


        "Ginny, can I ask you something." Hermione asked while her and Ginny were sitting in the common room by the fire.


        "Sure!" Ginny turned to face Hermione. Hermione wouldn't look at Ginny though, she continued to stare at the fire.


        "H-How does Ron feel about me?" She muttered, still not making eye contact with Ginny.


        "Um... What do you mean?"


        Hermione finally turned to face Ginny.


        "Like, w-what does he think of me? Does he like me?"


        There was a pause, and out of embarrassment, Hermione turned to look at the fire again.


        "I don't know..." Ginny began a few minutes later, breaking the silence. "Um... Do you like him?"


        "Of course I do! Isn't it obvious? I've liked him since my first day at Hogwarts!" Hermione let out a sigh. 


       "Sorry, but Hermione... Why are you telling me all of this?"


        "Sorry Ginny, this must be really awkward for you... But I couldn't keep it a secret any longer... With the Yule Ball coming up and everything..."


        "You want Ron to go to the ball with you, don't you?"


        Hermione didn't say anything, she just nodded her head.


        "Well, back to your original question... No one knows Ron's feeling except for Ron... If yo want to go to the ball with him, you've got to ask him yourself. There's no point in waiting around for him to ask you."


        "I guess you're right... Thanks Ginny. I'm going to go to bed. Goodnight."


        Hermione got up off her chair and headed up to the girls dormitories. 



        The next morning Hermione woke up just in time to catch up to Ron as he was leaving the common room.


        "Hey!" Hermione smiled as she managed to catch up to him.


        "Hi Hermione, what's got you in such a good mood this morning?"


        "Well, I don't know. Maybe the Yule Ball just put me in a good mood, I'm really excited for it!"


        "Are you? It seems like it's going to be stupid."


        "Oh..... So you're not going to go? But It sounds like it'll be fun!" 


        "Are you mental? It'll be fun only if you have a date!"


        "Then ask someone! You still have two weeks!"


        "I dunno... Everyone good is already taken.."


        "Everyone good!? Who knew you could be so shallow."


        "What? No.. What's with you today!?" 


        "Nothing that concerns yo obviously!" Hermione stomped off leaving Ron standing in the corridor, looking confused as to what had just happened.




        As Hermione stepped into the great hall for breakfast someone jumped in front of her, blocking her path.


        "Herm-own-ninny, may i ask you question?"


        "It's Her-my-oh-nee!" She corrected him. "But sure, what is it Viktor?"


        "Herm-own-ninny, vill you to to ze ball vith me?"


        Hermione didn't answer, she thought for a moment about how Ron reacted when she mentioned the ball. Ron obviously wasn't interested, so why shouldn't she go with Viktor?


        "Herm-own-ninny? Yes? No?"


        "Her-my-oh-nee! And yes, I'd love to Viktor!"


        Viktor Smiled "It's great!"


        Hermione fake smiled. "I'll talk to you later Viktor!" And she walked along the side of the Gryffindor table, looking for a place to sit. She spotted Ginny, who was sitting with Neville Longbottom.


        "Hi Ginny, Hi Neville." Hermione said as she took a seat across from them.


        "Soooooooo, did you ask him?" Ginny smiled eagerly.


        "No." Hermione sighed.


        "Ask who?" Neville asked, both Ginny and Hermione ignored him.


        "Why not?"


        "Ask who?" Neville asked again.


        "I don't want to talk about it." Hermione said simply.


        "Ask who!?" Neville practically screamed this time.


        "Not now Neville!" Hermione snapped. "Look - I'm not really hungry... I'll talk to you later.." Hermione sighed as she god up from her seat and left the great hall.




        The weeks since Viktor asked Hermione to the ball have gone by incredibly fast. The ball was just around the corner, and everyone was frantically getting ready for the big day. 


        One night after a long day in the library, Hermione returned to the Gryffindor common room, to find Ron and Harry talking quite loudly.


        "What are we going to do?" She heard Ron say.


        "I don't know. At least I asked someone, but she turned me down!" She heard Harry reply.


        "What's going on with you two?" Hermione asked as she took a seat next to them.


        "We need to find dates to the ball.." Harry began to explain.


        "Hey, Hermione. You're a girl right?" Ron asked.


        "Very well spotted Ronald." Hermione said coldly.


        "Well, why don't you come with one of us?"


        Hermione stood up from her seat. "For your information, someone has already asked me! And I said Yes!"


        "Someone asked you? Who?" Ron asked.


        "Is that so hard to believe? And I'm not going to tell you!"


        "Come on, Hermione, who asked you!?"


        "None of your business!"


        "Well then, who are we suppose to go with?"


        "I heard Parvati hasn't got a date yet, and neither does her sister Padma, in Ravenclaw. Maybe you two should consider asking them? Anyways, I'm going to bed. Goodnight Harry. Goodnight Ronald." And she turned away, and waled to the stairs leading to the girls dormitories.


        "Wait! Who are you going with!?" Ron called after her. Hermione ignored him, and proceeded up the stairs.


        "Who's she going with?" Ron mumbled as he turned to face Harry. Harry shrugged.




        The day of the ball has come at last. Harry ended up going to the ball with Parvati Patil. Ron with Parvati's twin sister Padma. Hermione's date was still unknown to Harry and Ron.


        "Where's Hermione? You don't think she lied to us about having a date do you? For all we know, no one asked her, and she's crying in the girls bathroom or something." Ron said to Harry while they were already at the ball with Padma and Parvati.


        Harry laughed at Ron's way of thinking, and shrugged.


        "I mean, it's obvious, isn't it? That nobody asked her."


        "I wouldn't be too sure about that Ron.." Harry said as he turned Ron around to face the entrance of the hall, to where Hermione stood, arm in arm with....


        "Krum." Ron mumbled under his breath. "She's here with Krum!" Ron whispered as he turned back to face Harry. Harry nodded.


        Ron turned back to look at Hermione. He couldn't believe his eyes. He's never noticed how beautiful she was before.


          "And now, it's about time for the champions to have the first dance with their dates!" Dumbledore announced.


        The four champions plus their dates made their way onto the dance floor, and a slow peaceful song started, and they all began to dance.




        Everyone was dancing and having a great time, except for Ron, Harry, Parvati, and Padma. Luckily for Parvati someone else asked her to dance, because Harry wouldn't.


        "Viktor just went to get us drinks, you two should join us!" Hermione said with a smile as she plopped herself on the seat next to Harry.


        "We don't want to join you and Viktor." Ron said rather rudely.


        "We're just friends Ron, it's not a big deal if you guys join us."


        "I think he has more than just friendship in mind..."


        "Oh, that's what you think!?"


        "Yeah, that's what I think!"


        Hermione didn't say another word, she stood up, and stormed off.


        "I always knew she was a little bit mental..." Ron sighed.


        "Are you going to ask me to dance or not?" Padma finally spoke.


        Ron glanced at her, then back at the floor and simply said "No."


        Padma sighed, stood up, and walked away from Ron and Harry.




        The ball was nearly over by now, and Ron and Hermione were still having their arguments.


        "I just think he's a bit old for you is all!" Ron spat.


        "Too old!?"


        "Yes Hermione! Too old. He's seventeen! You're only fourteen!"


        "Well Ron. Next time theres a ball, pick up the courage and ask me before somebody else does! And not as a last resort!"


        Hermione had tears streaming down her face now, and she stormed out of the hall.


        "Hermione!" Ron called after her. Hermione wouldn't look back. "Hermione! Please, don't cry!" Ron chased after her, to see her crying on the stairs. "Hermione, Look - don;t cry. I hate seeing you like this." Ron mumbled, as he took a seat next to her.


        "Go away." Hermione managed to say between sobs.


        "No. Not until you tell me the real reason you're so upset."


        Hermione whipped her tears off her face. "Fine." She mumbled.


        Ron looked into Hermione's eyes waiting for her to speak.


        "Ron, the reason I'm so upset it that you said, that you weren't going to ask anyone to the ball because everyone good was already taken.... When you simply could have took the girl who's been in love with you since the very first day she met you!"


        Ron blinked. "W-Who?"


        Hermione stood up from the step she was sitting on. "... Me..." She said as she began to sob, but she ran off before Ron had the chance to say anything.


        Ron wasn't too sure what to say anyways. Ron was confused. Why would Hermione like him?He didn't think he was anything special. Plus they were always fighting, and in their first year, he called her a nightmare. How could she really be in love with him after that...."




        After the Yule Ball was over, Ron and Hermione went back to their everyday lives, involving fighting with each other 24/7. Ron tried to forget what Hermione told him, but he just couldn't manage to keep it off his mind. And Hermione tried to forget what she told Ron. But she was now back to where she started. Wondering if Ron feels the same way that she feels about him. Hermione knew that she wouldn't be able to get Ron to talk about his feelings, and she didn't really want to talk to Ron about hers anytime soon. So Hermione decided she;s wait and see what would happen between her and Ron. Only time could tell.




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