1. Meeting

Harry's POV 


Simon called us for a meeting with him. Niall swore on stage. I was scared. He walked in with a pretty girl. "Boys, this is Sam. She needs a laugh. So I thought of you guys. And Niall I'm giving you a warning. Ok I gotta go. Take care of her. Her bags are in the hall. Ill be back at the end of summer. Bye." Simon said quickly and left. Sam stood there shyly. I stood up and walked over. "If no one else will be nice enough to say hello, I will. I'm Harry. Can I get your bags?" I said and smiled at her. She smiled back and nodded. I opened the door for her and we stepped out. I grabbed her bags. She followed me out to my car and then the guys came out and got in their cars. I opened the door for Sam. She got in and I closed the door. I went to my side and got in. I turned the car in which blasted the radio. I quickly turned it down. She laughed. "What?" I looked at her. "You one of those guys…" she said. "What?" I asked again. "A guy that likes his music." She looked at me. I nodded. "Yes… I also like girls who notice that." I winked at her. She rolled her eyes. But not in a flirty way. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked. She looked at me. "No…Uhh…Simon Says I can't date you guys." "Since when is he incharge of you?" I asked. "Since he adopted me!" She smiled. My mouth dropped open. "What?!?!" "Don't worry. If I ever dated one of you he'd let me. I'm his little girl." She said and smiled at me. We pulled into the house and the guys were already there. I grabbed her bags and we walked in.

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