The Big Suprise

4 british boys and one irish boy are on there way to america to do a concert. And there is this one girl Rachel who is waiting to see them in concert and see them in person for the meet and greet.she cant wait to bring her two best friends named lea and maddie.


1. The Plane Ride

As Liam,Harry,Louis.Niall,and Zayn got on the plane they got prepared to meet New Jersey directioners.They all took a shower,fixed there hair,and then sat down and relaxed.As the waited Harry had an idea and said "hey boys, should we play Truth Or Dare?" he asked and they all agreed.Louis went first and he asked Harry "truth or Dare?" "DARE" Harry yelled. So then a smirk went across Louis's face and that was not a good sign.So, after thinking for a while he said "i dare you to kiss the first girl you see in the crowd." "ok fine" Harry said. Then before anyone else could go, they arrived in New Jersey.They got out of the plane and into the limo. In about 10 minutes they arrived at the stage.Theyall looked into the mirror and made sure they looked alright and then ran onto the stage. As they ran on stage Louis remionded Harry of the deal. And he saw one girl who was surrounded by two other girls.

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