The Big Suprise

4 british boys and one irish boy are on there way to america to do a concert. And there is this one girl Rachel who is waiting to see them in concert and see them in person for the meet and greet.she cant wait to bring her two best friends named lea and maddie.


3. The Meet And Greet

                                                   *RACHEL’S P.O.V*                                                                                                                                                                 Alright I can’t believe that the concert is over but, now it’s time for Lea, Maddie, and I to go to the meet and greet. So, on our way I saw Harry, again. I wonder if he will kiss me again. Hehe that would be so nice! Though one thing bothers me, why did he kiss me? Oh well maybe I will ask him. As we walked through the curtains I saw all five One Direction members. But, Harry and I met eyes first. I felt my face turn red and then he walked towards me. “So, your Rachel right?” he asked me and I said “Yes that’s me.” I sounded like a complete idiot! Ugh, well anyways then I asked him if we could speak in private and he agreed. So he pulled me into another room and…we were alone.                 *HARRY’S P.O.V*                                           Well now the concert is over and I have to go with the boys to backstage to do the meet and greet. Too bad I won’t ever see Rachel again, right? Then as I thought that to myself I saw her, she was in the meet and greet session. Next I walked over to her and said “Your name is Rachel right?” and she said “Yes, that’s me.” She sounded so cute and looked so hot. Then she asked me if she could speak to me in private, I hope nothing was wrong but, I said sure. Then I pulled her into another room and….I was alone with her.

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