Nicole has had a crush on Justin for awhile now. She's excited she gets to see him. But she doesn't expect him to ask her one certain question....


1. I'm so happy I get to see you!

My names Nicole. I have long dirty blonde hair with amazingly gorgeous ocean blue eyes. I've had a crush on my neighbor, who is now famous, for four years now. His name is Justin. You're probably wondering, Justin Bieber? Yes, Justin Bieber. It's just the way he has his brown eyes, his brown quiff, and oh his abs, his abs make me go crazy.

I wrote that in my journal on the first page. I just got my journal. I'm trying to write about my life in it. I've been texting Justin for about a year and a half now. He told me he's coming to visit me. I'm so excited! I went and took my shower.

After I got out, I put my long dirty blonde hair up in a bun, and put on my eyeshadow, not much, and some mascara and  lipgloss. I let my hair down as it came about five inches up from my waist. I turned on my curling iron and curled my hair. In my honest opinion, my hair looked amazing. I brushed my teeth, then went off to put on some clothes.

I pulled out some white shorts that were close to booty shorts, some cute  pastel  pink TOMS, and a cute pastel pink croptop that said "YOLO" in white. 

I unplugged my iPhone and texted Justin. 

To: Justin<3

Hey, meet me at the ice cream parlor. 

15 seconds later, he texted me back.

From: Justin<3

Okay. See you in about ten minutes?

I grabbed my cute pink clutch that had a black mustache on it and grabbed the keys to my car and drove to ice cream parlor. 



*A/N: This is like my actual book I'm gonna write... So, I hope you like it! Please like, comment, and favorite! There must two or more comments before I post the second chapter!(:*

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