Unstoppable Love

Cassandra was living a life in hell after a bad fight happens between her parents. But when Harry comes to her comfort, will she slowly begin to fall for his charms? And will someone come and ruin the relationship, and cause harm to cassandra, or Harry? Find out, and favorite if you enjoy!



1. Whats All The Noise So Early?

Cassandra's Pov

I was awake at 7:00. I couldnt sleep well. I would wake up every hour and get this horribe feeling that something wrong would occur to f**k my day up. I sat on my bed,my head back,, and my hands on my face, My eyes were blurry because I kept rubbing them. My sleepiness had caused me to slouch into a lying down position, with my face up. I took a deep breath and let out a loyd "Sigh".

What was keeping me up and why couldnt i sleep?! UGH! My emotions from sad to anger changed quickly. I turned over to my belly and sank my face into my pillow. I got a grip on the sides of it, and threw it to the wall. I got up and stepped foward to the door. I gently and causiously, turned the knob so it wouldnt make that "Squeak" it had a habit of doing. I slowly opened the door and walked down the hallways. I finally made it to the bathroom door, and opened it. I closed the door behind me and stood there, my side leaning on the wall. The sun rays from the window entered and reflected on the marble floor.

I kept the lights off, it was bright enough in here, which bothered me. I decided to take a shower early today since i was already up. I removed my clothes and neatly folded it and placed it on the nearby closed hamper. I unhinged my bra and pulled down my underwear and stepped in the showe. I turned  the knob for the hot water to come out, then the cold. When i felt the water was right,i used the shower top to wet my body. As i almost came to the end of my shower, i hear yelling from downstairs and it sounded like my mom and my dad were arguing. I immidietly reacted and closed the water knobs

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