Unstoppable Love

Cassandra was living a life in hell after a bad fight happens between her parents. But when Harry comes to her comfort, will she slowly begin to fall for his charms? And will someone come and ruin the relationship, and cause harm to cassandra, or Harry? Find out, and favorite if you enjoy!



2. No Dad Stop!

I got out and dried myself. I put on my undergarnments and put on lotion. I took my short red Capris i left in the bathroom last night and a pink tanktop. I searched for my sandals and finally found it next to the towel bar, and placed on my foot. I heard the yelling get louder and louder as i went down the steps.

I could finally see my mom and dad in the living room yelling at eachothers face.

"Well if you don't like the way i handle my home, you can get out!" My mom yelled pointing at the door.
"No this is my place! you get out and never come back!" My dad replied stronger.

My mother turned her face away and tears began falling down her face. She quickly faced hima again, and gave him a evil anger face and ..........

smacked him. It was so loud i heard it from the bottom of the steps.

"Dont you touch me Marilyn! You know the concequences"My dad said gabbing a hold of my moms wrist. She was struggling to get free from dads grip. She then kicked him in the crotch. He made a moan but only held her arm even tighter.

I couldnt take it any longer.

"DAD STOP!!!! LET HER GO!" i yelled. He looked at me with hate.

"Your not involed in this. Go away you little whore" He said pulling my mother down.

"Leave her alone you son of a bitch" i said my voice breaking. His eyes widened when i said those words and let go of my mother and came towards me.

He slammed my body on the floor and held me by the neck. His grip was forceful and strong. I tried to swing at him while i ghasped for air, but he wouldnt budge. I then came up with an idea. I sank my nails into the side of his face and he let go. I collapsed on the floor and everything was black.

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