Unstoppable Love

Cassandra was living a life in hell after a bad fight happens between her parents. But when Harry comes to her comfort, will she slowly begin to fall for his charms? And will someone come and ruin the relationship, and cause harm to cassandra, or Harry? Find out, and favorite if you enjoy!



3. 911 Emergency!

Harrys POV

I couldn't help but notice all the noise and screaming from next door. I looked out the window and saw a woman crying, a man bleeding on the side of his face, and a young girl on the floor with her eyes closed. I ran to my cell and dialled 911

"911, Whats your emergency?" The lady on the phone said

"I heard yelling and bangs from the neighbors home and i think a man is abusing two woman" I said looking out the window.

"Okay whats the adress Mister?" She asked.

"1436, PalmerWood Street. Home number 134" I said.

"The police and ambulance will be there right away" She said before closing.

In about 1 minute, the police arrived at the cene. I went downstairs to see what happened.

The woman i saw crying exited the house with red eyes from crying. She could hardly breathe because of her tears. I walked up to her to give her comfort. "Its alright love, just breathe. Your alright now" I said stroking her hair.It took her a while to catch her breath .

"Y-y-you called t-the p-p-police?"She said studdering. I nodded and she mimed the words "Thank you". I held her tight and stroked her hair. The ambulace put her in the ambulance and gave her a blanket.

The man walked out with 4 blood holes in his face. He was beign held by police and he looked at me with a scowl. I could tell he was a man of greed and only wanted money and he looked abusive. I gave him a glare and he clenched his teeth.

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