Give Me Love

*Second in series to 'Nobody Compares to you'*
As Maria and Natalie have had a bumpy start, but they are with the people they love, And are finally happy, but for long? As bombshells hit, There lives will be changed forever..


2. Still The One


Natalie POV

I wake up in harry's arm, His chest is going in and out ever time he breathes, His arms around my waist makes me feel so protective as nothing can hurt me, I tilt my head up to peek, Because i didn't really know where we were, But we are in the same place we fell asleep, In Louis' sitting room, The telly is static, And everyone is lying around on top of each other, I look up at the clock hanging on the wall its half ten and everyone is still sound asleep, And before i knew it, i was too, In the warmth of Harry's body pressed up against mine. 

I wake up what feels like five minutes later and i look around and me and Harry are the only people still lying around, I look up at Harry and he is awake, playing with stands of my hair, I don't say a word and just lie my head on his lap. He bends down and kisses my forehead, And keeps his against mine for a bit, We weren't speaking just the sound of our heartbeats, And Louis swearing in the kitchen, We break the silence by laughing, Harry stand up and gives me a hand up, And we walk into the kitchen with him with his hands on my waist, "Cooking i presume?" I ask Louis smiling, hugging him from behind, "Awake i presume?" He says back sassy, "Ohh! Someone didn't have there Weetabix!" Joked Zayn who was sitting at the breakfast bar, With Niall and Perrie and Maria who were all drinking tea and having a chat, Eleanor and Danielle came downstairs with Liam already dressed! "how long did i oversleep?" I asked Maria walking over to her, "Oh about two hours" She replied smiling at me, I was shocked at myself, Usually i'm an early goer.  "Right, Breakfast is served!" Louis shouted as he put plates on the table, "Bout time" Niall joked, "OI!" Louis reacted and we couldn't help but laugh at their immaturity. We all munched on sausages, Pudding, 'bacon, Tomatoes and beans Full English! "Nicely done again Lou" Liam said, "Wey hey" He replied and they air high fived. "Right guys i made it so decide between yourself who is putting things away" Louis said, sitting back and placing his hands behind his head, We all glanced at each other, And everyone stood up except Louis, "Oi i don't wanna be alone" He sais again, "Then help!" Eleanor said to him, He got up and he helped out as well.

Me and Harry headed upstairs along with Maria and Niall we each split up into our own rooms and got dressed, "Can i do something?" Harry asked me, "Depends.." I reply smiling, "No no!" He says giving me a cheeky smile and giggles, "No, Babe, can i pick out your outfit for today?" He said and i looked at him, "I don't know, Can i pick out yours?" I ask him, "Suppose" He replies, "Then yes you can" I reply to him, We walk past each other to the drawers and took out clothes and looked at them and decided if it was a good day or not to wear the item.

Soon later, We walk near the bed and placed the clothes we picked out for each other on the bed, I picked out for a Harry, a pair of denim jeans, a V-Neck shirt, And vans, He seemed happy with my dress sense for men. Harry choose out for me, A jumpsuit, With a crop top to go underneath, And a pair of flip flops, "its that warm today is it?" i ask him, "Better be the heat thats whats hot in this room, Or is it just you?" Harry says and gives me a cheeky smile, He comes closer we are inches apart, "HEY SORRY BUT NAT CAN I EH" Maria storms in without warning, And stops at the door, I give her a stern look, then can't help smiling, She laughs, Apologizes and leaves the room, And me and Harry are alone again, He moves in again, "Ah ah ah!" I say to him, "Gotta get dressed" I say to him, Walking over to my outfit for the day, I get changed and go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, Harry comes in just before i leave and his eyes met mine, "Can i do your hair too?" He asked me, A big grin wiped the smile of my face, And his smile dropped, "Of course you can" I say to him. he sits me down at the dressing table, And brushes my hair into a neat pigtail at the back of by head, then he lets go, Throws a lot of Hair everywhere in each direction the presses all my hairs against each other, "Whats happening right now?" I ask him, "SHH!" He says with his eyes closed, Then he lets grip of my hair, And it falls around my shoulders wavy, "Aw Harry its kinda curly! Thank you" I say and kiss him, Then Zayn knocks at the door we are waiting for you's you know" He says, We separated our lips, And headed downstairs. 


Niall POV

We are all huddled around the kitchen table, Yet once, Again, "Family meeting" Louis said, We continued to talk among ourselves, "SHUT UP" Louis shouts over us, "Ah now Louis" Liam starts, "Sit down my man" Louis replied, "I Have an announcement" there was a moment of silence but that moment of silence was yet again, Another call from Catriona Maria's older sister, "I'm sorry guys i gotta take this, i'll be right back, Start without me if you wanna Lou" Maria said, Taking her phone out of her shorts pocket, "No we will wait" Danielle says, "Thank you" She replied and answers her phone, "Hello?" Everybody then of course turns to me, "Well who is Catriona?" Perrie asked me, "She's Maria's older sister" Nat answers, "She left when Maria was like eleven, She went to collage in America and Maria hasn't properly seen her since" Nat says, "Oh" Everyone echoes, "But why all the calling?" Danielle says, "i don't know, She usually doesn't call, Just on occasions like birthdays and Christmas, but she did text her good luck in her exams, but if she is calling her the whole time, I know something isn't right" Natalie says to us, "So be supportive in every way to Maria, Because woudn't know what it is" Eleanor says, We all agree and Maria comes back in and sits down, "Sorry guys, Lou you were saying?" Maria says all eyes on Louis, "Is everything okay with you Maria?" He asks her, "Yeah why wouldn't it be?" Maria asked, "No reason" Liam interrupted, "Louis?" Liam said, "Right yes, I was thinking maybe, there is this carnival near the London eye today and tomorrow, We might get mobbed, but i wanna go!" Louis said, "Great idea!" Perrie agreed, We all nodded and headed out for the carnival. 


Eleanor POV

We didn't bother take the cars so we all went into a mini van taxi so we could all be together, But right now, I was really worried about Maria, I just wanted her to open up to me, I could help her in so many ways, And if that wasn't possible, i wouldn't rest until i know i could have at least given her advice, But anyway, On our way into the carnival, The boys were asked for their ID and they forot to bring them, Since this carnival sold beer, They were asked there ages, "Aw come on man" Liam  said to the guard, "No ID no pass" The guard said, "Google us" Louis said ti him, "Excuse me?" He replied, "Google us!" He repeated, The guard looked over at me and Nat and we shook our heads in agreement. A few minutes later the guard put his phone away, And dropped his head in shame, And let us through, Since it wasn't a kids carnival, The boys were not mobbed, And it felt amazing! But i could feel people staring and taking photo's and videos. But we just decided to ignore it, First thing we went on, was the "Cannon ball" which was like we were strapped inside a plastic cannon ball, We got lucky, and all squished into one together, Basically, We were strapped in facing each other, And the man counted down from ten but missed a few and we ended up being shot up at seven, And we were shot out of the cannon like a cannon ball would, And the plastic cannon ball was attached to the cannon so we would come straight back kinda like a boomerang, 'we screamed, And Harry took a Vine, And Danielle took a Keek, But it was sick! When we all got off, We were so dizzy it was hard to find each other we ended up holding onto somebody we didn't even know! But after that, We went into the arcade, And all the boys attempted to win stuffed animal for their girls, And all succeeded eventually, Niall won Maria a Monkey, She was delighted with it, Liam won Danielle and Elephant, She was thrilled, Harry won Nat a bunny rabbit, she was overjoyed, And Louis, Louis won me a giant Lion, "Oh louis!" I said to him giving him a kiss on the lips, "Don't you like it babe?" He asked, "I love it" I replied.

"How about the London Eye?" Perrie asked us all licking her ice cream, "Oh yeah!" Natalie said, "Lets go then" Louis said, We made our way to the London eye, And i whispered to Danielle and Perrie to get Maria alone to talk to her, But Natalie wanted to be with Harry, So we told her we would tell her later, "Hey mate, Eh Me, Niall, Liam and Zayn in one, Eh Harry yous going alone yeah?" Louis asked harry, "Yeah" Harry replied, "Alright then just us four please" Louis told the worker, "Thanks mate" And they headed onto the ride, "Hiya, Just ohhuz two please" Harry told the worker, "Thank you" Natalie said, And they walked on together, "Hi, Me, Danielle, Perrie and Maria here want one please" i told the worker, "There you go eye two please thanks enjoy the ride" He replied, I grabbed Maria and Danielle's hand and Maria held Perrie's with her free hand, we ran into the ride.


Danielle POV

This day has been so cute, We all stored our teddy's the boys won for us in a corner of the carousel, And we looked over the city of London and pointed to show the other girls what we saw, We laughed at a lot of things we saw, We got to the ground, And a girl took a photo of us, And we posed for the Craic, She waved, And we blew kisses. Maria got her phone out and when we were near the top, Maria took a photo of her, me El, And Perrie and just behind us was big Ben, "Beautiful picture" Said Perrie, "yeah!" Maria replied, And we just happened to look underneath us, And there was the four boys, Maria also took a picture of them, An made a short vine, Of them, Us, and the view and the teddy's in the corner with the tag, "Best day" Grand. then we saw a flash from below us, And Zayn took a selfie with him and the boys, And we got a picture of them doing that, And the picture was hilarious, Then Maria sent it to Niall, and in a matter of minutes they were laughing too! 

"I am so sorry" A voice over a hidden intercom interrupted our fun, "I regret to inform customers of the London eye, That there has been a technical malfunction, And all things will be set to go in about two hours, So make yourself comfortable as you will be here a while" A loud grunt came from all the girls, "Oh my god what are we gonna do for two hours!" Maria said, "we will pass the time" Perrie said. Our carousel was near the top of the ride, Natalie and Harry's carousel was above us, and the other four boys were the carousel below us.

I looked at Eleanor and she gave me a look to say, 'its time to talk to her', we we made ourselfes comfortable, And Perrie and Maria joined us a bit after, "So Maria" Eleanor started, "Hows home? Been talking to them much lately?" Eleanor finished, "Well, My sisters are on holiday from school, That's pretty much it" Maria answered smiling, "How many sister do you have Maria?" Perrie asked, Maria paused for a while, "three" She replied dully, "Three?" I repeated sounding surprised, "But you only ever told us about two" I said, "Yeah well i hardly hear from my other one, She's a year or two older than me and lives in America so" Maria says, "Oh" Eleanor says acting surprises, "And does her name happen to be Catriona?" Eleanor asks, Maria gives us looks, "Okay how do you know?" She asked, "what?" We asked, "Who told you?" She asked, "Erm, Niall" I answered, "What? Niall? but i never told Niall about what happened to Catriona" Maria said, "What? What happened?" Perrie asked, "Hold on you don't know?" Maria asked, "I'm confused" Eleanor said, "So am i, Wait what did Niall tell you?" She asked, "He told us about Catriona and she was your sister" I replied, "Nothing else?" Maria asked, "No" Perrie replied, "Good cos i don't remember telling him..." Maria stopped, "Telling him what Maria?" Eleanor asked, Maria nodded her head, "C'mon Mar its us!" I told her, "Okay fine" She said, and began to tell us about her, "When i was five, Catriona was sixteen, It was my birthday party at the time, Catriona came home, The night before she went out and didn't say where she was or anything, I remember, My paents hugging her, Then she told them something and my mother started crying, They all went inside, And about half an hour later, Catriona left with three suitcases and a bag, she got in a taxi, And he drive her off, She was pregnant, And we have relations in America, And mammy and daddy didn't want a pregnant teenage daughter around, So she moved and had the child in America and that was the last i heard of her since recently, All us girls and the boys have been in every single magazine, And she only regognised me from my name and got my number smehow!" Said Maria, And we all sat there confused but understood, "So what? Your going to America, To your sister you didn't even know?" Eleanor asked, "That's it El, I don't know, i haven't Seen her in years! I don't if my parent know" She said, "well you kinda have to go" Perrie said, "What Perrie!" I said, "Well think about it! Maria's sister, Who obviously didn't mean to get pregnant in the first place, And she wants to get back in contact, i don't see a bad side to this" Perrie said, Eleanor nodded in agreement, "But i haven't a clue what she looks like, and i didn't expect all this" Maria says sounding still stunned, "Expect all what?" I asked Maria, "Well, that's why she called me, She wouldn't of otherwise, Shes getting Married!" Maria said, We just looked at her in shock, "WE will figure something, together" Eleanor said, And puts her arm around Maria, Then we all joined in a group hug, "Promise?" Maria says, "Promise" We all echo. 


Harry POV

"Great, Two hours" Natalie says plunging herself onto the floor, We start to just look at my phone but there was no fun in that, Then Natalie just leans her head on my shoulder, I felt like making a vine but i didn't want to. Natalie started the play with  my fingers as if they were toys, Then her phone rings, 

"Hello?" She answers, 

"Nat the pain in the arse this is!" I can hear Maria's voice come out from the other end of the phone,

I started to giggle, Natalie shushed me, And got up and walked over to the other side of the carousel, I get up and follow her, And i pull my arms around her waist, "Uh huh" She says into the phone, And I begin to kiss her neck, I can see in the reflection of the carousel windows she is biting her lip, I move upwards to her cheek, And she leans her head down so i can't, "Uh huh" She says again, I give her tummy a tickle so she can move her neck up so i can continue kissing it, She lets our a screech, "Listen Maria, i'm so busy at the moment" She said moment n a different tone as i began to kiss her neck again, "So i'll call you back yeah? Alright babe bye" She says and stuffing her phone in her back pocket and turning around to face me, "What the f*ck Harry i was on the phone!" She says, To me i smile at her as she continues to give out to me, I interrupt her by landing a bombshell on her lips and she closes her eyes, Our lips move in sinc, As she back up against the window and slides down until she is sitting down, Still lips on each others, She starts to take me shirt off, I don';t rebel, and start to pull it off quicker, She giggles  as we break so the shirt can come off completely, then i return the favor to her by taking off the top half of her jumpsuit, And she takes off my belt, And unzips my jeans, She also takes off the rest of her jumpsuit, And this leaves us on the floor of our carousel on the London eyes, I slowly make my way on top of her, And move up and down in slow motion, She groans in my movements, Then in less than five minutes, We wan feel the carousel moving again, "Shit"She screams and breaks our kiss, i get off her quick and we struggle to get over to the other part of the carousel to put back on our clothes, But we raced against time and bet it again, I redid Natalie's hair, And stared her in the eye, She kisses my cheek and i kissed her nose, Then we got onto the ground finally, And we picked up our belongings, And caught up with the others, Natalie broke our hands up, And rejoined the girls, And i did so with the boys. 


Niall POV

Harry has been acting very happy with himself lately, Actually, Since we left the London eye, But i wasn't gonna asked unless we were alone so i didn't bother bringing it  up, But i think the boys noticed too, "Woah!" Said Louis, "whats?" said the girls turning around, "Girls its half ten!" Louis said, "No way!" Daneille said, "Yup!" Nat said looking at her phone, "Those two hours flew by!" Eleanor said, And Nat gave Harry a cheeky look, And i could see Harry blushing, Now i knew something was up. "So lads, Listen, We better go and get food" I say and we all cuddle in a hude bunch, in the carpark of the Carinival now, "Right il call the taxi" Zayn said, And got his phone out, "Right, We will stop at, I feel like wagamama tonight" Louis said, "Oh yeah!" Everyone agreed, "Great!" I said, And as quick as lightening Zayn was off the phone, "Lucky for us, The taxi is like a kilometer away so her wil be here in about two minutes" Says Zayn rejoining the circle, "Me and Harry will go in and order, And yous stay in the taxi or whatever you wanna do" I said, "Grand" Maria agreed.

The taxi must have seen the girls big teddy bears, Because he parked right in front of us, "Wagamama's bill you know the drill" Said Louis, The driver nodded and drove, "How did you know his name was bill Lou?" Eleanor asked Louis, "Lucky guess" Louis answered, And gave Eleanor a kiss on the cheek.

We arrived what seemed like minutes later, "I'm too lazy to ask, So just text me your orders" I said as Harry jumped out of the car with me, Liam got his phone out and started asking, And me and Harry made our way to the restaurant, "So Harry" I began, "yeah" He said, "What did you do while on the London eye" i replied, giving him a look, He blushed, "Harry!" I said, "how did you know?" He asked and raised his voice, "SHh! Its just the way you act" I say to him, Harry smiled to himself, "Well?" I asked, "What Niall? DO you wanna demonstration or something" Harry said and started to laugh, "MAYBE" I replied, And Harry hit my arm playfully, "Just don't tell anyone please" Harry said, "Harry mate, Its a bit obvious something happened" I replied, "Oh no" He said, Bu don't worry, il keep your dirty little secret" I said in a British accent, Harry laughed at me, And we were in the restaurant and my phone beeped with the others orders. 



A/n HEYY;) Sorry, kinda dirty, but i left a bit out to let your minds run free;) Anyway, I know this whole Catriona thing is a lump of Poo and makes so sense right now, but il make something up i was kinda put on the spot writing that chapter so yeah and it lead to.. that.. So yeah:) I honestly cant wait for THis is us in August:D Have a good day/night/afternoon wherever you areee.xx


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