Give Me Love

*Second in series to 'Nobody Compares to you'*
As Maria and Natalie have had a bumpy start, but they are with the people they love, And are finally happy, but for long? As bombshells hit, There lives will be changed forever..


1. Little Things


Harry POV

what a fabulous week this turned out to be! After dinner, We all helped tidy up, Then we all sat in Louis' sitting room and decided to watch movies. Each of us got out a laptop as well! So, Niall and Liam did a follow spree, Louis tweeted fans, Zayn tweeted quotes, And i made a vine, The vine, Was of each individual person in the room, Them Louis with Eleanor, Liam with Danielle, Zayn with Perrie, Maria with Niall, And Me with Natalie, Then the last few seconds of the vine was all of us squished into one photo as my right hand stretched across us all to fit everybody in. Danielle and Maria did an ask spree, And Natalie and Perrie was on Little Mix's account, And Eleanor went on Facebook. Loads of photo's were taken, So many new memories have been made, Then a fan asked about Me and Natalie on my Vine, 

"So its official? Narry (Natalie & Harry) and Miall (Maria & Niall)?" The fan tweeted

"I suppose that would be the correct term yeah" I tweeted her back.

Maria got her phone out and started taking selfies with Danielle, then Zayn decided to photobomb. After a while on Twitter and every other social networking site, We decided to go out and go shopping at half eleven at night, "Right, so i dunno hoodies and jeans?" Louis suggested, We all agreed, Then i swapped jeans with Natalie she wore my black jeans, And i wore her purple ones, Maria wore Niall's beige jeans and Niall wore Maria's sweats which he was happy about, After everyone swapping items of clothing, We were off into the darkness with three flash lights and our phones for light, We all stood in a huddle and just caught whoever's hand was nearest to us.

I caught Danielle's and Natalie's, Who was holding Zayn's hand with her other free hand. We walked past a restaurant with glass so we could see in, Somebody quickly recognized who we were and snapped a quick photo, "All over twitter tomorrow!" Eleanor said, Everyone nodded in agreement, We finally got to the car park of the supermarket, And it was only occupied by cars of staff, So we ran mad around, Niall got a trolley, And Maria hopped into it and he rode the trolley up and down the car park, Danielle took a Keek of all that was happening at the moment and featured a few of us in it, Louis put some tunes on and ball room danced with Eleanor, Zayn gave Perrie a piggy back ride, And Liam just took pictures of him and Danielle with all us behind him, And me and Natalie, Well, Lets just say, We were singing, In the rain! As it started to Rain, Natalie jumped into the trolley with Maria and Niall ran with the trolley to the other end of the car park where the supermarket entrance was.

They got out and we pulled our hoods up, When we walked in first thing on our right was a customer service with a girl standing there and greeted us in, Then on our left was the magazines and in the middle of the floor was the newspapers. but, We were all over the magazines, Me, Niall, Maria and Natalie at their debs the other night, And pap'd pictures of Louis paying the limo driver, "Cute pics" Liam said, "Adorable" I replied, Then held on to Natalie and we all split up and grabbed a basket each, We all formed a group huddle near the meat, "Right, Maria and Niall your on sweets and shit!" Louis said, "aye aye!" Niall Said, and him and Maria left the group running down the aisle hand in hand, "Liam and Danielle, Breakfast for the morning" Louis said, "Okey dokey" Danielle said and made a video as her and Liam skipped the opposite direction heading for breakfast, "Zayn and Perrie, Cosmetics, Bathroom things, we can all have facials! Just get anything really" Louis said to them, "YAY!" the screamed and ran off, "Me and Eleanor will get everyday needs, milk, bread etc, And Harry and Nat, Well go pick out movies!" Louis said to us, We looked at each other, Smiled and held hands and trotted off to the back of the store where the movies were, I decided to make yet, Another Vine.

First pitch was me and Natalie on our way, Then as we passed aisles we saw Danielle and Liam in the drinks aisle and they waved to the camera, And then we passed the milk freezers where Louis nd El were and they smiled, Then we passed Niall and Maria at the sweets counter they waved and smiled, Then Zayn and Perrie was near the back of the shop were we were going, And they walked right past us with moisturizers and scrubs, And as they walked past Zayn and Perrie said "hi" To the camera then the last two seconds of it was Me and Natalie and i kissed her cheek, We watched it over and over before i  posted it, "Its perfect!" Natalie said, And leaned in for a kiss then i did as well, But just as i felt the draft of her shadow against my skin, She opened her eyes and said, "Race you to the titanic movie on the top shelf" In a raspy voice, "Ready..." I said, "Go!" She shouted and ran before i even siad get set! "OI" I shouted at her running after her, I could hear her giggling from in front of me, Then she reaches the film first, "I won!" She said proudly, I leaned in towards her and put my hands behind her back and picked out the movies from the next shelf over, "Did you not mean this one?" I whispered into her ear, I could feel the shivers go down her spine, "Nope" She said, "You sure?" I asked her and began to kiss her neck, She let out a little yelp, "Oi!" Zayn said from behind us, "Movies please" He said, Then sassily walked away and clicked his finger we laughed and pick out four movies, "That should get us through the night!" Natalie said, "Should!" i reply, And we meet up the the others at the top of the supermarket near the check out.

We must have been standing there for ages because the girl behind the counter looked impatient "Kiss me if i'm wrong, But i'd say Niall and Maria kinda just picked up one of everything" I said, Everybody nodded in agreement, "I'm just gonna kiss you anyway Harry" Zayn said in geeky voice. everyone laughed and we payed for the shopping and each held one bag each which only left us one hand to hold hands with someone else. We left the shop and in hand with out partner, And we met a police guard outside Louis' flat, And we asked him to take a picture of us all, He agreed and said "SAY CHEESE!" "CHEESE!" We all said really loudly, "Thank you so much!" Maria said taking her phone back of him, "No problem kids take it easy" He said back to us. 


Niall POV

We got back into the apartment quietly as Louis and Eleanor do have neighbors that we weren't fully aware of. But we put the food and stuff in the kitchen and headed upstairs ti changed i got upstairs before Maria and decided to playfully lock her out, She was at the door for ages  trying to open it, Then Zayn came to the door and threaten to hit me with a hammer if i didn't open it, So i opened it and Maria thanked Zayn and shut the door behind her, Then started to get changed into her pajamas, "It's been a long time!" i said to Maria, "A few days you mean?" She asked me smiling, "NO babe, Since we properly talked, Alone, Kissed.." I said trailing on, She turned around and gave me a cheeky smile, I lay on the bed looking at the ceiling, Maria soon joined me, We just way there, Looking her my ceiling and she slipped her hand into mine, This moment was perfect, And i didn't want anybody to ruin it,.

Then Maria's phone started to ring, She groaned and slipped away from me, "I love you ringtone" I say to her sitting up, It was Irresistible, She smiled and answered it, And sat on the bed near me,  I slid over to her and she placed her free hand on my soft blonde hair and began to massage, "umm hmmm!" She said into the phone every two minutes, Then i began to kiss her cheek and her smile was so big there was no place on her cheek to kiss, So i slid down to her neck, Giving her love bites, She let out a light groan, "Sorry what was that?" she said into the phone again, I kissed her again pretending she was talking to me, She giggled and the her face dropped a little on got on the bed and walked over to the other side of the room, I was getting worried, She didn't act okay, "Alright Cat" She said into her phone, now i know she was talking to her big sister, "Okay babe, Yea, yeah, alright, bye, bye, bye" Then she hung up, And came towards me "Niall James Horan!" She said lightly slapping me, "I was on the phone" she said, "Don''t tell me you didn't enjoy it though" I said to her, She fidgeted with her fingers and looked up at me, her pearly blue eyes stared deeply into mine, i leaned forward and kiss her lips, they were moist but soft, Then there was a thud on our door, "C'mon guys movie time!" Harry shouted from outside our bedroom door, We pulled away and left the room hand in hand, "So what did Catriona say?" I asked her, "oh, i'll tell you later" she said kissing me cheek as we entered the living room and sat down beside Danielle and Liam and Louis started the movie. 


A/N HEyo! i know this chapter was boring._. soz._. but i will come uop with something soon! Its hald three rn, But il update more soonnnn! Who ya'll shipping? i <3 everyone atm<3 xx

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