The Chosen Dragon

Well this story I have been working on for a while. It was inspired by the story Eona and the Chinese zodiac. In summary it is about a girl who made a promise to fight corruption till her last breath. Not only does she have to fight other people, she has to fight herself... Hope you enjoy it.


3. Covered in spit

    Ok, I need to learn that trick of hiding my thoughts so this won’t happen again, I think for the thousandth time. I am stuck in some part of the dragon, which is defiantly not the stomach.  My best guess is that it is in a storage place so whatever is in here can be eaten later.  Well, I sure hope I am not next.  It is not like I am uncomfortable, well as comfortable as you can be in a dark, slimy organ.  The dragon also shares its energy with me, so my needs are taken care of.  The only bad thing is that nothing ever happens.  I am bored out of my mind, just waiting for something to happen.  What feels like an eternity later, because it is impossible to tell time in a dragon, my container starts to become a little cramped.  Suddenly, the walls start pushing me upwards. It is like crawling up really small tunnel, except instead of crawling, it is pushing.  I go up and up and finally I see a light at the end.  The light is blinding, because I was in a dark space for a while. At the last second the light disappears.  I sure hope I won’t be eaten now, I think worriedly.  Then I feel myself turn in the dragon’s throat and start to fall.  I fall past rows of pearly white teeth and a lizard-like tongue into sunlight.  I free fall until I feel a jolt, then the fall is much slower going.  I feel that I am set down on the ground, then, I am on my hands and knees.  After five minutes, my eyes finally adjust and I realize I am on sand.  At least it looks like the sand Toby once showed me.   Everything around me is bare sand and scorching hot. This must be the desert, which Toby told me about, I think incredulously. I stand and realize I'm covered in dragon spit.  Disgusted I shake as much as I could off me. I turn around to see that the dragon was not there.  Panic rises inside me because I do not know where to go or what to do.  According to Toby you can wander the desert for the rest of your life and you won't find the way out.  Then a breeze springs up and sand blows around what it seems to be a massive shape.  Oh yeah, I think to myself, spirituals can’t be seen in the world around us.  I feel the ground rumble with the dragon’s amusement.

    “Well where am I supposed to go since you put me in the middle of a desert?” I ask the invisible dragon.  A furrow starts to form in the sand, by the dragon’s claw.  He draws an arrow to the northwest.  I look in that direction but I only see sand.  I guess that is the way to the closest village. Suddenly a whoosh of air hit in the back.  I turn around to see the sand outline the bottom of the dragon as it takes off into the sky.  I sigh and turn northwest and start a long trek to the village.

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