How could I forget you

Haley Tomlinson has a perfect life. She is beyond rich and popular. But one day her brother, who is also her best friend dies. Her walls come crashing down and there is no stop to her tears. But at Louie's funeral, she meets a cheeky green eyed boy (who used to be Louie's best friend) who becomes her best friend and shows her a better life. One filled with finding who you are, meeting new friends, making a better change, and just letting go for once. (In a good way)


4. Chapter 4 'Haley' "A 'Little' Breakdown."

The next day was and my parents wanted me to go mail the letters. Oh no. You might be thinking "why is she so nervous to mail letters?" Well, I'll tell you why. They are the letters to announce my ex brothers funeral!!! Just looking at the blue envelope, I saw Louie's face when he smashed Blueberries on himself. I think of all the thing Louie, Daisy, and I planned to do in the future. Those dreams are gone. Cracked and locked away, like my heart. I approached the mail station. No. I thought. No, no, no! Louie can't be dead. He CAN NOT. Tears began spilling down my face and people began to stare. I cried so hard it hurt, but I finally put the soggy envelopes in the slot, and ran away. Ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I ran to my best friends house. Alexandra. She would understand, unlike my other friends. They were all pre-made as snotty rich kids.

I knocked hard on the door. Hard enough to make my knuckles turn red. She opened the door, her knowing smile making me feel a tad bit better. I fell into her arms sobbing. "I know, I know." She said. "But do you really think Louie would want you to cry over him?" I sighed "You're right." I said clearing my throat. "Well now," she said smiling. "Lets get you a dress, and make you look happy, so Louie will know you really care." I just nodded as she dragged my to her humongous closet.  


Enjoy!! P.S alexandra is Foreverandalways (i forget the rest) cuz she won my contest!!! She will also be in my other book Live Laugh Love Spy. Thx-Liv

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