How could I forget you

Haley Tomlinson has a perfect life. She is beyond rich and popular. But one day her brother, who is also her best friend dies. Her walls come crashing down and there is no stop to her tears. But at Louie's funeral, she meets a cheeky green eyed boy (who used to be Louie's best friend) who becomes her best friend and shows her a better life. One filled with finding who you are, meeting new friends, making a better change, and just letting go for once. (In a good way)


16. Chapter 16 'Niall' "The Wave That Brought A Friend"

Haley was back. That peppy, chatterbox, and talented girl. She is back! I thought, to myself as I ran down to the beach. Haley, Harry, Alexandra, and I dove under waves, splashed each other, and attempted doing flips. (It didn't work out so well.) I smiled to myself and called out to my friends. "Going for a walk! I'll be back soon!"I walked down the beach to were the waves got a bit rough. I smiled and thought out loud. "It's daredevil time!" I dove into the water and realized my mistake. The waves looked choppy on the beach, but they were horrifying in the water.

And that's when I hear a strangled scream. I started swimming to where the screaming was coming from. I saw a girl. I started swimming faster. I saw a flash of dark brown hair and brown pleading eyes. When I got to her she went unconscious. I went underneath the water, and tried to find what was pulling her underwater. To this day i still don't know what it was. All I know is that I chewed through it. As soon as I got her loose I dragged her to the shore, while coughing up water. I picked her up and ran back to my friends. 

They were all sitting down on the beach when I laid the girl down on my towel. They all instantly rushed over to me. "We have to give her the Heimlich Maneuver or whatever it's called!" Haley exclaimed. So Alexandra helped keep her up while we preformed the Maneuver. She coughed up water and her eyes popped open. "You guys saved my life!" Harry shook his head. "No we didn't. He did." The girl smiled at me. "You saved my life!"She gave me a hug and I hugged her back, hesitantly. "I'm Olivia." She said, sitting down. We all sat down with her. "I'm Niall." I said. "I'm Harry." "I'm Haley." "I'm Alexandra." "And we're One Dream!" We said, together. Olivia's eyes widened. "Omigod. Omigod! OMIGOD! How did I not realize this. You guys!  You guys are my favorite band!"We talked a lot with Olivia and she was a really nice girl. She sings, plays the guitar, shops, does track, and field. And she likes Carrots.... Like Louie does...


Hiiiiiiiiii guyyssss!! This character Olivia is 1Ds GIRL 0928 that's all for now so ciao!!!-Ari

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