How could I forget you

Haley Tomlinson has a perfect life. She is beyond rich and popular. But one day her brother, who is also her best friend dies. Her walls come crashing down and there is no stop to her tears. But at Louie's funeral, she meets a cheeky green eyed boy (who used to be Louie's best friend) who becomes her best friend and shows her a better life. One filled with finding who you are, meeting new friends, making a better change, and just letting go for once. (In a good way)


12. Chapter 12 'Alexandra' "Betrayal Starring Ryan Choice"

"Ahhhh. That feels great." I said. I was having a facial and a mud bath. It felt great! I got out of the mud bath and rinsed myself off. The lady took off my facial and I headed to the massage table. I lied down and looked to the side. What the? I thought. Is that Ryan Choice? I thought. So I turned my head around so I could talk to him. "Hey!" I said. He turned around surprised. "Are you Ryan Choice?" I asked. He smiled. "Yes I am. Are you a fan?" I laughed. "You could say... I am Alexandra from One Dream." I said, putting out my hand. "One Dream?!?!" He exclaimed. "You all are my favorites iTunes!!" I smiled. "Thank you!" I said. We talked someMore and we planned to hang out soon. 

"Bye Ryan!" I said waving to him. "See you in a bit!" I decided I would surprise him and introduce him to my friends. I met the guys and gals at the exit of the spa. "Guys!" I said. "Guess what!" I exclaimed. "Mmm.." Haley said. "Oh got it. You met Zayn Malik and Liam Payne and they both preposed and started fighting over you." I smiled. "Nope! I met Ryan Choice! And he is a BIG fan. So I decided we could surprise him over Tea!" Everyone nodded. "Sure." Harry said. "It would be fun to meet a fellow rising celebrity!" "Then let's go change!" Niall said. We raced to our room and changed. I wore my hair in low hanging pigtails. I wore pink heels, a red skirt, and a gray shirt. I ran out of my room and saw Niall. "Well Niall..." I said. "Ya look fabs!" He smiled. "I wish I could say the same about you!" He joked. I gasped and put my hand to my heart. "Niall!" Harry and Haley came out smiling. "Let's go!" Harry said, racing out the room. 

We went to the elevator and rode it downstairs. "There is a dinning hall over here guys." I said, pointing to my left. We went in and I ran over to Ryan and gave him a hug. "Ryan, these are my friends Harry, Haley, and Niall." Ryan shook hands with them and Haley looked very shocked. "So Ryan..." She said. "When did you you start your career?" Ryan tried avoiding her gaze. "Umm just a couple of years ago." "Mmm." Haley said. "Sounds interesting. You know what's sooo funny? You look and sound soo much like my brother. And the funny part is. He's dead." Ryan frowned. "Well I'm sorry for your loss." Haley laughed. "Don't be. 'Cuz I know he was a great brother and he would never lie to us." "Well." Ryan said. "Louie sounds like a great brother." We all gasped. "Huh..." Haley said, crossing her arms. "I never mentioned my brothers name." Haley snarled. "Give it up Lou Bear! I know who you are!" She spat, tears streaming down her face. "My own brother! How could you do this to me?!?! I HATE you!! Don't ever TALK to me OR my friends, EVER again!!! I HATE YOU!!" And with that she slapped him (hard, it left a mark) and left, sobbing.  

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