When she cries

She screamed and slammed the door. Voices kept whispering just die already. It felt like someone just threw a brick at her. Her head kept pounding. While she crashed down the ground started moving. The eyes, the pain. Everything I had done. Every single thing. Then there's nothing. No sounds, no voices only her reflection in the mirror staring at her while the last tear dropped down onto the floor.


2. Slow, love slow

When she woke up she looked at the clock next to her. It's 3 am, time to get up. While she was getting up she looks in the mirror, it's shattered. Even though she knew what happened she didn't want to show it or think about it. Before she knew she dropped to the ground, she started breathing quickly and her hands were finding there way threw her hair.

"I did this" She screamed 'I break everything' Her arms start burning. "Everything I know, everything I see. It's an illusion, there's no love, no hate. Everything is just stuck in a black hole. The illusion is just so big no one know. But I do, I know the illusion."

A cold feeling got to her again. It lingered around her and took her over. She knew she couldn't keep it away for much longer, but she hoped is so badly.

"'m just a worthless waste of air" She had not much time. Her clothes were still on and her stuffed giraffe  was laying on the floor.

"Let's go Ana, before it's to late." While she said it she closed the door of her room leaving everything behind. The only thing she could think of was getting away before awful things happened. Away before the pain would strike. Away of the painful memories which were all kept together in the shattered mirror.

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