When she cries

She screamed and slammed the door. Voices kept whispering just die already. It felt like someone just threw a brick at her. Her head kept pounding. While she crashed down the ground started moving. The eyes, the pain. Everything I had done. Every single thing. Then there's nothing. No sounds, no voices only her reflection in the mirror staring at her while the last tear dropped down onto the floor.


3. Closing the chapter

She closed the front door behind her and reached into the darkness.

"Come Ana."

She was still crying but she cracked a smile

"Come on, come and play. I'm lonely you know, 

need you. I need you to guide me.

I need you to help me be me again.

I need you to be my friend again. 


The cracked smile was still on her face. Tears were streaming down.

Her hands reached in the air "come....Ana"

Her unhappy smile slowly turned into a happy smile

"I knew you would come. "

When she walked away her face was empty, just like there was no soul inside that person. If it even was a person. She turned into skin and bones, from the happy and healthy girl she used to be there was nothing left. The only thing she still had was forgotten and broken.

She started running and talking to herself, or who she believed.

Ana would be by her side as long as she believed it. She was held back and no one could save her.

It's different to run with Ana by her side. She starts to forget everything, to forget the pain. She can stay quiet but even then Ana will hear her thoughts and talk back. While she runs she can make everything look perfect and pretty. Life doesn't seem hard then.

But as soon as she slows down everything turns back to normal, so she doesn't. She always runs when she can.

"I'm okay" The warm air blows her hair back. She closes her eyes but keeps running.

When she opened her eyes the park was already close. She sits down and listens to the sounds around her. Her breath got slower and more silent.The smile she got was incredible big and bright. She looked at the clouds above her.

"Shaped like sheep" she murmured. A bird flew over and landed in front of her.

"I don't have any bread little bird, but I do have stories just like you. I've seen the world.' She looked at it while it while it was walking around. 'I look like you....small in a big cruel world, lonely and...'"The bird was walking away using just one of his paws 'and harmed' she whispered. While it flew away she thought about him... about the lonely and harmed bird who lived without fears but who stopped to enjoy things "That's where we're different bird, you can enjoy things. I got no time for that." she watched it fly away. From now on the red-necked grebe would be her sign. That would be her. Only in a different body and with different stories to tell.

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