Truly madly deepley in love..

Tilde parents just died, when she takes contact to her long lost Brother, what she don't know is that her biig idol Liam Payne is her long lost Brother. stay tunned to see how her life turn out!



2. Meeting 1D

  I woke up today because it was knocking on my door, I got dressed really fast, I knew who it was! I ran down the stairs I opened the door as fast as I could, it was Paul he was picking me up, It was today we started the tour and I couldn’t wait, it was also today I got to see the boys for the very first time! I got all my suitcases into the car, and then we were off, I fell asleep in the car it was a long drive, we had to drive too London it was about 3 hours from where I lived, Paul woke me up 10 minutes before arrival so I had time to fix my hair and make-up, we were only seconds away from the flat now and I just couldn’t sit still “we here!” the boys waited outside the flat, they just stood there like little school boys, I got outside the car, and Liam ran up to me and gave me a biig hug, It was kinda weird because when you have fantasied about being his girlfriend for years now, you have to get used to be his sister, and it’s good! All the boys gave me a hug except for Niall, he kinda stayed away from me I thought I was weird, but maybe he just didn’t liked me, but that should be his problem not mine, the tour bus was already outside the flat waiting for us, we had to get my things on the bus quick, because we had to leave within an hour, we got my things on the bus. I started to unpack my stuff, each of us had our own room mine was in between Liam and Niall rooms, Liam had said to the designers that I should get a pink room with pictures of him all over it, so cute!

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