Truly madly deepley in love..

Tilde parents just died, when she takes contact to her long lost Brother, what she don't know is that her biig idol Liam Payne is her long lost Brother. stay tunned to see how her life turn out!



1. The long lost brother..

Today was the day I should meet my long lost brother, the only thing I knew about him was that his name was Liam that was about it. I sat on my bed and waited and waited and waited, and then there was a knock on the door, I ran as fast as I could, there he was, it was LIAM PAYNE! I couldn’t believe it. I was a HUGE fan of One Direction, and I just found out my brother was Liam freking Payne, I hugged him I didn’t knew what else I should have done, and he hugged me back! My biggest dream had come true, I had always made fun with my friends that it was one of the lads from One Direction and it was!! I was in shock!

“can I come in” he said with a wink in his eyes “yeah of course!” we went inside of my house, we sat on the couch.

“so… you are my brother, I can’t believe that you are THAT Liam Payne!” I said

“yeah I’m THAT Liam Payne, I never actually catched your name”

“it’s Tilde” I couldn’t believe that Liam actually sad and had a convocation with me!

My parents just died a month ago, so that was where I decided to contact my long lost brother.

Liam didn’t know our parents were dead and I had to tell him it. “so.. Liam I actually contacted you because our mom and dad” I started to cry,  he sat right next to me and starting hugging me, I had to tell him it, I took a deep breath “Liam our parents are.. Uhm.. Dead, they died last month in a car accident”  Liam started to cry, he never even met them, he really wanted to, but know he couldn’t, it was so sad to see your idol/brother sit there and cry, I started to cry, we sat on the couch just hugging for -an hour.

After a while he stood up “Tilde now that our parents are dead, I was thinking about, do you want to come with me and the lads on tour, so you shouldn’t be alone in this hard time!” “you really are daddy direction” he started laughing “you are defiantly going with us now!”

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